10 tips for your Home according to Vaastu

Many time,  we heard about the vastu and the things we should do for our houses, offices etc. The people and in fact I also believe that these vastu practises bring happiness, wealth and prosperity in the life of the person.

What is Vastu:

The term Vastu Shastra is composed of two words – Vastu, which means the dwelling place of humans, and Shastra, which means ‘science’. In other words, Vastu Shastra is the science that deals with human dwellings. Actually this is Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu architectural  and an old age traditional practise.  It is a science of directions that has man as its central part. Vastu acts as the balancing force between man and nature.

Disclaimer : These have worked for me and might not work exactly for you. So please make sure you do trial and error to find what suits you best. Also never over do.

Vastu tips:

Here are the some tips that you should do for your house according to vastu. They are simple and convienet.

  • Avoid placing the mirror in front of the bed in any of the room.
  • The image of Gajalaxmi at the main door is considered auspicious
  • Keep furniture items in a children’s room, keep them a few inches away from the wall. Don’t have the furniture attached to the wall, as it obstructs the flow of positive energy
  • Students should facing the north or east while studying.
  • Keep in mind that the Stove  in your kitchen should never be visible from the outside. It can lead to digestion problems for the family members
  • For ensuring peace in the house, the main bedroom should be constructed in the south direction
  • Don’t place any of the divine idols in the bedroom.
  • Never sleep having the head in the North direction.

Feng shui Tips:

  • It is good to keep a show piece of fish or dolphin in the home and office. You can also keep a picture of fish. It’s a sign of happiness and prosperity.
  • Keep a set of 3 chinese coin in your purse or locker for your money luck.
  • Keep a love bird in the South West of the Bed room. It increase love among couples.
  • Always hang a wind chimes in the house as it is one of the best source of positive energy.
  • You can place a laughing Buddha in the  diagonailly opposite to the front gate but facing the front gate.
  • Keep a education tower or learning tower in the study table or i the children’s room. It will help the child in proper concentration.
  • You can keep a Bamboo plant or good luck plant any where in the house. It enhance the knowledge, prosperity, happiness and avoid negative  energy.
  • Three legged frog is considered very auspicious and keep them in the front of the main door but facing inside the home.
  • Put a symbol of Swastik at the main door or you can also place a Om Trishul at the main entrance  gate of the house. It prevent the house from the bad evils.

Try these simple tips and allow the happiness ans wealth to come in your house!!!!

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