Vintage Car Rally 2012 Kolkata : Photo Shoot

Among our generation there are rare cases in which a person isn’t fascinated or wooed by the Cars from Vintage Era or the Classic Age , We who were born around 70s to 80s were lucky to see the development and still adore the Vintage these days.So if you get Invited to be a part of the Awesome Experience of Vintage Car Rally in your city , then would be an unlucky if you reject the offer (well in most cases).

Last year we covered the Statesmen Vintage Car Rally ’11 in Post as well as in Pictures , this year the weather was a bit unwelcoming , it was a gloomy day and it was raining for too long but I kept my hopes high and attended the event and I was not much shocked to see the turnout of people this time , it was less crowdy and better managed this time since Statesmen made it mandatory to have a “Pass” for the same , also we were lucky that during most of the time it didn’t rain but it was still cloudy , but that didn’t stop us from capturing the beauties around , so here are they my Photo Set of the 2012 Statesmen Vintage Car Rally along with some portraits of Retro Style Dressed People 🙂


First of all is a Vintage Pontiac Which Dates back to 1926.

Vintage Pontiac

After that we have a Sunbeam Talbot 90 MK II Cabriolet CA ( 1953 )

Vintage : Sunbeam Talbot 90

Then we have here the Vintage Nash Series 980 Victoria Convertible ( 1932 )

Vintage Car : Nash Series 980 Victoria Convertible 1932

The same car from another perspective.

 Vintage Car : Nash Series 980 Victoria Convertible 1932

What we see below is the Beautiful Dashboard from the TC MG Classic Car from Morris Garage – 1945

Vintage Car : The TC Classic Car ( Morris Garage ) - 1945

And who can forget the Old Chevy Logo 🙂

Vintage Car : Chevrolet (Logo)

We have a Well Preserved Austin Seven below which dates back to 1922

Vintage Car : Austin Seven ( 1922 )

After that here is a Picture of the Windscreen and the Attached accessory the Oil Lamp Headlight and a Air horn from the Old Ford which Belongs to the Organizer : Statesmen (Also know as The Statesmen Car)

Vintage Car : The Statesmen Car

Also at Vintage Car Rally participants are given prize for the Best Retro / Vintage Costume , so here is a few favorites of mine.

The Smiling Bride

The Smiling Bride

The Wait


The Joy and the Smile

The Joy and the Smile

The Look

The Look

The Lady In Black

The Lady in Black

And Finally that’s me 🙂 (Yeah in the Mirror)

Looking at Myself

And we arrive at the end of this year’s visit to the Vintage Car Rally , you can also visit the Set at Flickr.Also you can join me on Facebook , Do leave a comment or two if you liked my work , Thanks 🙂



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