Visa Requirement for Indian Citizens [Infographic]

Traveling abroad is a subject which flashes two things in mind, first is a valid Passport and a Visa. Passport is something which isn’t a big issue these days, now in India we have the facilities to get a valid Passport in just three days. Here is a detailed guide for applying for Passport Online and if you want to get the Passport quickly, read here.

The problem generally arises with the issuance of Visa. Here is an online resource (a Wikipedia page), which has the full information about Visa rules. If seen from a point of view of a resident from a particular country, there are three types of countries –

  • Countries with no Visa requirements at all.
  • Countries where you need a Visa, but you can get a Visa after you enter to that particular country, also the countries which allow first few days/months stay without a Visa too are considered in this category.
  • Countries where you can enter only with a valid Visa, i.e. you apply and get it before your travel.

Here is the infographic which shows the Visa details for different countries for an Indian Republic Passport holder.

Visa details for any Indian Republic Passport holder

As of now there are 58 countries and territories where a person with Republic of India Passport can enter without a visa in hand, out of these 58, some are visa-free whereas other allow visa upon arrival.

So, if you are planning a vacation abroad, go visit this Wikipedia page to get detailed information, however being a Wikipedia page, before you finalize something, just cross-check the details by Googling around, because I couldn’t find any specific resource for it, but if you are hunting with exact country name, you can get some proper information.

Visa requirements for Indian citizens @ Wikipedia


  1. Thank you kindly for demonstrating how to get a visa more quickly.
    Going to the Wikipedia page to check info is a reassuring thing for many, I’d expect.

  2. This is a great blog and includes all the necessary and important information. Some people often forget that it can actually be hard to obtain a passport and visa.


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