The Only Walkthrough You Need on Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a part of any home décor. Whether you’re remodelling your current house or building a new one, you’ll want the best ceiling fans for your home. There’s nothing better than a breeze of cool air during humid weather. The best ceiling fans in the market are technologically advanced, so they’re are equipped to cool in summer and reduce your electricity bill significantly. The best ceiling fans use energy as low as that of a 100w light bulb.

A house needs fans in the living room, bedroom, patio, bathroom, sometimes kitchen, or any other damp place. Choosing the best ceiling fan will guarantee comfort to you and beauty to your décor for years. The décor of your home, including a ceiling fan, reflects your style. Keep this in mind when selecting the colour, finish, style, size, blade design, accessories of the ceiling fan. Decide whether you’d like a ceiling fan with or without lighting, one with remote control or without it.

Ceiling Fans Walkthrough
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You’ve bought the best ceiling fan in the market, now what?

Now you need to identify where accurately you will place the fan in the room. Any ceiling fan works best when placed in the middle of the room. This way, the fan will create maximum air circulation and comfort. Make sure you place the fan at the height of 7ft or more from the floor of the room. The ideal height is about 8-9ft.

The Golden Ratio: Fan Scale, Air Flow & Room Size

When buying ceiling fans, you must find out how much air the fan can circulate. If you purchase an undersized fan for your room, it won’t be as effective as you’d like it to be. It is especially crucial if you rely on your ceiling fan regularly.

Most fans come with detailed cards like how much airflow is needed as per the size of a room. Be sure to check that or match the size of your room with the size of the ceiling fan. When it comes to fan scale, if you buy the smallest size fan that works for your room, it will enhance the aesthetics of your space. Discreet but stylish. If you get a larger one, it will instantly become a statement piece.

Types of Ceiling Fans

Online or offline, there’s no shortage of ceiling fans in the market. You will be spoilt for choice that it might become a challenge to pick the right one for your space. Some fans can also be customized according to your room size and look. There are standard ceiling fans, and then there are the new entrants that are quickly becoming shoppers’ favourites. You can explore from a variety of options like low-profile ceiling fans, such as hugger fans because they’re fitted without a downrod, close to the ceiling. There are dual motor ceiling fans, remote-controlled ceiling fans, and damp & wet ceilings fans suited for tropical areas. You can also find ceiling fans with motors output power designed to suit the blade set meant for that motor, segmenting the fans into different models.

Ceiling Fans Walkthrough
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Installation and Usage

How efficiently a ceiling fan performs and how much energy it saves depending entirely on how well it is installed. For starters, choose the appropriate electrical box for your ceiling fan. Also, make sure your fan is placed in the centre of the room for maximum air circulation. Any of the best ceiling fans should be anchored to a ceiling joist to help it stay stable as fans can be heavy. Make sure that the fan blades are balanced before the product is shipped to you.

Ceiling fans are meant to cool you, not your room. When not in use, be sure to turn the fan off to save energy. In summer, use the fan in a counter-clockwise direction for maximum cooling. Install the best ceiling fans from reputed brands like Luminous that offer a wide selection online.


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