Want to send sweets to India ? Try Mithia Mate

Sweets or Mithia is one of the most popular thing in Indian Food. Be it any type of Food or food from any religion, Sweet at the end of dinner or lunch completes the meals. But what do you do when you want to send sweets across city in India ? There could be many but we found Mithai Mate doing a good job.

Mithai mate

Mithai mate

Mithia Mate is an online service  which does delvery at home across three cities, Banglore, Mumbai and New Delhi, as of now and Chennai,Hyderabad,Kanpur,Lucknow,Amritsar are on plan.  Since quality is a must, Mithai Mate has their own selected sweet providers :

  • Mumbai Punjabi Ghasitaram Halwai : Famous Since 90 Years.
  • New Delhi Nathu Sweets : Delhi’s Favourite ‘Mithaiwala’.
  • Bangalore  Anand Sweets : Master Sweetmaker for the last 20 years

This makes sure the quality of Sweet is not compromised.

Now the best part you would like is that if you order any sweets  before 7 am IST, that gets delievered on the same day 🙂 and there are lot of options for payments like Visa, Master , Paypal etc.   This makes sure that even people staying outside indi also can place an order.

Mithai Mate is an excellent place to start with in order to send high quality sweets to your close ones. Try it

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