Watch BSE Scripts Live for Free : Market Watch

If you would like to watch out the BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange ) Script Rates live for free, Chirayu Software is giving out their software Market Watch showing you  real time data of scripts with details on

  • Buying Quantity
  • Buying Rate
  • Selling Rate
  • Selling Quantity 
  • % Change
  • Last Trading Price
  • Net Change, High, Low
  • Total Turn Over Quantity and weighted average

Also you can create live chart on demand by selecting any of the scripts or the sensex.

BSE live data market watch

BSE live data market watch

In case there are multiple users in your office or at home you can take advantage of multiple profile i.e. You can have different set of scripts for each which can be saved. Also You can add Scripts, Sort them according to the above mentioned factors.

So if you just want to track your scripts and dont need much of other functionality like top 5 scripts, best selling script etc this free software  is more than enough for you. Download Market Watch @ Chirayu Software Solutions.

Thanks to Mahesh for pointing this to me.

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