Hilarious Cases and Judgements Passed by Indian Courts

With such a massive population of India, it is a given that there would be some craziness in every corner. Even the judiciary system has not been left untouched by this craziness. Judiciary system, in fact, has to face this on a daily basis with weird people coming to the court with their unusual issues. In this article, we look at some of the weirdest and hilarious cases and judgments passed by Indian Courts.

I Am Not Dead!!

Mr. Lal Bihari spent 18 years of his life just to prove that he is not dead. His uncle bribed a government official to declare him dead so that he could gain possession of his ancestral land.

Mr. Bihari filed a case against the Bihar government which declared him dead. He tried a lot of things just to prove his existence, but nothing worked. Finally, he had to commit a few crimes like kidnapping his own uncle’s son so that he can be caught and presented before the court and proved that he was alive. Finally, in the year 1994, it was declared that Mr. Lal Bihari is not dead.

Mr. Bihari was not alone in this ordeal as he found there were over 100 more people facing the same ordeal. He went on to form the Mritak Sangh. You can read more about Lal Bihari and his adventure over on his Wiki page.

DNA Test for the Ownership of Cow

This case was the first in its type where a DNA test was carried out to prove the ownership of the cow. The matter is of the Kollam region, Kerala, where a dispute arose between two persons namely Geetha and Sasilekha where both of them were claiming the ownership of the cattle. Finally, a DNA test was carried out and it was proved that Geetha was the real owner of the cow. She even sued Sangeetha for mental agony and pain and fault grievances.

“Sita Followed Ram in His Vanvaas, Why Can’t You”?

In one of the judgments given by Bombay High Court, where the husband got transferred to Port Blair, the wife filed a divorce petition stating that she cannot move out with him. The judge, while convincing the lady to stop this divorce procedure gave a bizarre statement stating when Ram was given Vanvaas, Sita being his wife, followed him blindly and lived 14 years in the jungle. So if Sita can do it, why can’t she do the same thing? Isn’t this a bit dramatic?

War for Original Tundey Kebabs

It is a well-known fact that Tundey Kebabs are a very famous and delicious food item of Lucknow. Way back, there had been a long dispute between the two famous shops named “Tundey Kebab” and “Lucknow ke Tundey Kebab”.

The case went to court to prove the originality of both the shops. It was said that “Everyone knows the recipe belonged to the one-armed man nicknamed ‘Tunda’. They should stop capitalizing on culture for glory.”

Punished after 24 Years for Taking a Bribe of 50 Paise

75 years old Dr. Balgovind Prasad residing in Patna was given a three months imprisonment for the offense of taking a bribe of 50 Paise from a sweeper 24 years ago in the course of making a fake medical certificate. There were some convoluted series of events due to which Mr. Prasad faced these charges against himself which was first reversed, then renewed leading to such a ridiculous delay.

The Bride Was a 14-Year-Old Boy

This unfortunate incident took place with 37-year-old Balak Ram who was a resident of Badau, Uttar Pradesh. He spent almost Rs. 50,000/- in his wedding to marry a beautiful dancer “Rajkumari” from a traveling troop. But within a week after his marriage, he went to the court complaining that his wife was actually a 14-year-old boy and not a girl. God gave him the strength to face such turmoil. It would not be wrong to say that Balak got a ‘Balak’!!

Divorce Granted as Husband Fed Wife Non-Veg Food

A woman filed a divorce case and the ground was unexpected. The main ground taken by the lady was that her husband and her mother in law fed her non-vegetarian food even after knowing the fact that she is a pure vegetarian. She further added that when she did not have the food; they even abused her using pathetic languages. Surprisingly, the judge understood the importance of this ground, and the divorce was granted to her.

Do you know about any such crazy judgments from any of the Indian courts? Drop a comment and share them with us!

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