In last post I talked about how the UID / Aadhaar  registration or the enrollment will take place. So now you might have lot of questions regarding it for which I am listing down the resources and the official links where you can read the details.

Under What is Aadhaar, you should check the comparison table where its explained what Aadhaar is not. For example dont take it as another card like pan card or dont assume that since UID has all your data it will be publicly available for anyone.

The last part Enquiries and Grievances is where you should look at. This is because its a new process and if there is something which is not being done you might help the government by letting them know. We never know that at near future UID will become very important for every Indian.

The UIDAI will set up a Contact Centre to manage all queries and grievances and serve as a single point of contact for the organization. The details of the Contact Centre will be published on the website as and when enrollment begins.

I think once the details for the contact center is made public we should all make use of it and get all our confusion cleared.

Ashish Mohta

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