What not to carry when Travelling to or via UAE

If you are frequent flyer to United Arab Emirates (UAE), chances are you know this well, but if your maiden trip to UAE is scheduled in near future, here is something very important for you.

I am sure most of us are well aware of Khus-Khus (a spice used in Sweets and other Indian Delights),Khus-Khus seeds banned in UAE and Gulf Countries recently a person who was travelling to UK via Dubai, and was carrying a Packet of Khus-Khus, and he is in jail now, as according to the recent revisions in Laws, carrying Khus-Khus is an offence, and the punishment for this is minimum 20 years of imprisonment or even death penalty as well. Reason behind this law is, Khus-Khus can be sprouted to grow Narcotics products.

I came to know about this fact from Maxwell F’s post on his blog. This post also tells us that while on a trip to anywhere in UAE, don’t carry the following at any cost –

  • Khas Khas  खस-खस  whether raw, roasted or cooked.
  • Paan (पान )
  • Beetle nut (सुपारी and its products, e.g. पान-पराग etc.)

So, beware, as especially Khus-Khus is very commonly consumed in our home made delights too, however if you havnt ever tried ‘Khus-Khus ka halwa’, go find its recipe and give it a shot, trust me you will fall in love with it, also the Khus-Khus Sharbat is awesome, but keep your love limited to Indian boundaries only.

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