What you should always check before buying packaged foods

Packaged foods, no doubt, have made our life more comfortable. At the rushed times, these packaged foods help us a lot in adding to our appetite. Bachelors and students staying at hostels and guesthouses are more dependent on them. With the latest generations, packaged goods have taken over the diet. But do you know how safe is these packaged goods?

How harmful packed food is

These ready to eat foods contain high trans fat, artificial flavors, sweeteners, salt, etc. Trans fats found in bakery items, microwave popcorns, and french fries are highly prone to a heart attack. The artificial sugar content leads to overeating and increase in fat. High intake of salt, on the other hand, results in high blood pressure.

Pre-Cooked foods lack essential vitamins, like Vitamin C and Vitamin B1. While packaging, many essential vitamins get destroyed — the ready to eat soups which contain more starch and salt, which is again not good for health. Although nothing is displayed on the package label and the buyers, think that they are safe to eat.

What you should always check before buying packaged foods

  1. Always read the label properly. Check the expiry date or “best before” date.
  2. Always check the pack or the container whatever you buy visually. Check if the packets are not puffed or cans not rusted. Check if there’s any leakage in any fluid items.
  3. While preserving always keep the refrigerated items in the refrigerator and frozen items in the freezer. Always remember that once thawed don’t freeze it again.
  4. Always try to finish the packaged food once open. Usually preserving it again spoils the quality and the taste of the food.
  5. Always check the sodium content, carbohydrate, and fiber values.

Packaged Food isn’t always bad, but you should be smart to choose the right product. If they are made up of real, whole foods—vegetables, fruits, whole grains, proteins, they are healthy.


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