Where to lodge your complaints and annoyance to Indian Government

In India whenever we do feel like complaining either we end up in expressing in words to friends or if there is really something important we try to just get it done someway.

Indian Government do have a portal which is open to public and allows you to lodge your complaints on almost anything  in various departments. The portal is called as Public Grievances which monitors complaints made by public online.  It also gives you a way to track them and remind of your already registered complaints.

Lodge public grievances online

You can find the list of Ministries/Departments/Organisations that are covered and like the footer of this site says :

Public Grievances pertaining to identified issues in respect of 20 Central Government Organisations (for list click here) are being handled by Directorate of Public Grievances (DPG), Cabinet Secretariat. If your Grievance falls under the purview of Directorate of Public Grievances, Cabinet Secretariat, please click here to lodge your Grievance.

Filling complaint box

Though it might take sometime to get reply but this is a good p-lace to start with. In fact you can lodger your complain here and then visit the respective department personally. This satisfies the purpose of Online portal as well as your by visiting the department also.

Also if you are more involved online you can become a Streetanchor, And fight for the issues around you  and help others also.

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  1. Dear sir/madam,
    My name is shahbaz alam having account with INDIAN BANK,SFS BRANCH,JANAKPURI A/C NO 703564232, on urgent basis when i was not having ATM CARD on the time of withdrawl money, i went to INDIAN BANK,DB GUPTA ROAD,PAHARGANJ Due to not having proper facility of light in branch i have to wait around 2 hours for money withdrawl and after that employee sitting there said that we could not proccess your cheque because your signature is not flashed,i will be highly oblidge you if you could take action against this branch where costomer satisfaction is very poor and this has not happen one time many a time it repeated employee sitting there are involving in gossips and listening songs from redio it is rediculus i just fadeup to visit there.

    Shahbaz Alam
    A-31,Shastri Nagar
    New Delhi

  2. TO

    Ms. C. Kochhar
    Managing Director and CEO

    Mr. K. Roy/Mr. P. Bhobe
    General Manager – Head Credit Cards & Personal Loans

    First of all i would like to inform all the members that i m grateful, that i came to know
    that such kind of site exists. I m happy to know that.Now I would like to share my problem
    with all of my dear members,

    I was working with top most Company Mumbai that is Voltec Insutruments pvt limited and was
    having Rs22000 salary per month, I have taken a credit card from your bank which is not
    required for me it is due to DSL department of yours forced to take the credit card and as I
    never come to you volutanry to your bank to take the card
    During my illness and father I spent all money and also swipe out my card in the meanwhile
    my organization is closed the sum of the money is held in the organization of voltec still it
    under court case you can visit the place also the address are with you.
    During the working period I was regular paid EMI and my credit cards payment.

    We were living in fathers house it is not belonging to you and after my father sudden death
    and registered in the name grandson and grand daughter of my sister
    The need to vacat the place as per their rule of the society
    . Now we are homeless and living on a rental basis Paying the amount after six months or
    In recession I lost my job and my age is 56yrs now I m doing the consolation on
    pharmaceuticals on commissions basis get the some amount Rs 5000 or 7000/= it is small
    company make the payment after 90 to 120 until the project is successful.
    I was running through some credit cad and due to no cash inflow i was not able to pay the
    money to ICICI bank.
    Once i received a call from there department having the phone number 022-61988370/022-61988375
    which was a threatening call and then told that he will bring the four people and want meet
    my wife and other members as card is in my name what is relation he has with my wife If
    something happens to her then I will compliant as rape case and never the disclosed the name
    I told him we will meet him one place and will discuss that guy very much interested to meet
    my wife then I have take the action
    This guy called my son just now completed the Post graduation he started the career just two
    months in working one firm threatening him who has given the authority to collection agency
    to call to my son to call. they misbehaved with son Admin staff of team leader , asking them
    to call him from him busy class. They also demand to fire him from him services

    If call comes to him the same letter to forwarded to Police station and legal department
    whatever is there it should be with me not to others. As issued thecard to me that time DSL
    never the call different person for this.

    Note the .As this card is lost in the which is informed to ICICI bank no proper is action
    taken the lodge of compliant copy is with me that can produced.

    They also called me to my relatative place and abused very bad language and threaten to
    capture their property.
    Now what should i do ? Help me out in it. As, now i won’t pay them a single penny but i want
    to fight against them.help me out with the further proceedings…

    Due to my age I lost the job in the year 2009 that time my company is closed and father was
    hosiptalised because of collection agency person of ICIC BANK threatened taken Rs 25,000/=
    from my father without my knowledge still ID card photo copy is with me. That time on wards
    conditions was worst in the year January 2009 and subsequent he expired in the year Nov
    2011 because of collection agency lot of money is spent on hospitalation you are responsible
    for it.

    I described the matter to you Pl give the details of that DSL ADDRESS, PERSON NAME TO take
    the action against them.
    As card provided by ICICI bank collection agency is authority to your organization not to me
    and other member of family.
    I will the settle the amount when family will be stablised or make settle the amount of Rs
    5000/= after 3 months in installment basis

    I will make suicide note will be given to advocate the expenses will be borne by the ICICI
    BANK and collection agency department

    Thanks and Regards

    Vijay kumar.D
    Credit card 5176 5350 7109 1005/4477462856119004 (ICICI BANK)

  3. I have a complaint against ICICI Bank. They issued a credit card in my name in 2003. I had a salary of Rs 3000 and had no ID Card. This card was issued inNOIDA. I have never been there in my life.
    Other reports are perfect. Because of their erroneous reporting i am suffering. No banks are giving me loans. CIBIL has my wrong address and wrong number of enquiries. No one is listening. They then gave a second loan in 2007.
    Total they are reporting more than 2.4 lkhs. The same entry appearing twice. I even thought of suicide.
    The card number they are reporting is:
    4477463889863011.Please help me

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