Why the Education System in India needs a Rework

India is one of the countries where education gets a lot of priority. Not only so that one can earn his bread but also so that the country makes progress. Also its very monotonous where everyone wants to be a Doctor, Engineer or CA.  I feel the education system in India needs to a revisit on how it works and here is why it should.

Why the Education System in India needs a Rework

Why the Education System in India needs a Rework

  1. When it comes to the theoretical subject we tend to write more to get more marks. Infact we practice for it only to forget when the paper ends.
  2. There is too much to memorize than to understand because if you dont produce the near exact you might not get what you aim for: “Good Marks”.
  3. Education should also be poured into the parents also and not just to Kids. For example English we all know how to speak but not many of us know how to speak or write it correctly. Probably we just practice it at school and it ends there. I am a victim of it.
  4. Why a subject is being taught should be explained to students so they just dont see it as a parameter where then need to fill in marks but also they do understand it right.
  5. You need to start early. Dont make the 3-year kid to carry 6 Kg of the bag.  One should go to learn with free head and not scolding his bag eight.
  6. Make the exam system to like multiple choices or open book so people stop fearing on how to remember but love to understand it better. Multiple choices are tougher then theoretical ones.
  7. Bring a universal exam system all over India. I know it is east to speak than to do but we need to start from somewhere. When people seek admission from one examination board to another either they see a cut or restriction on applying for a certain college or school.
  8. Make students a responsible Indian than just “Study Study” dumb kid. I know parents should be equally involved but are we trying to start somewhere ?.

There are many more points which can be put forward and discussed but I would like to hear from you. Do you feel the same?  Is there a change required?

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  1. Nice post bro, well definitely a change is required, in fact no Rework rather a newer version is required…Education in India 1.1…LOL


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