Why TRAI limited free SMS to 200 per day per SIM?

According to this official document from TRAI, Free SMS in any form will be limited to 200 per day and no more. Now if you are wondering why, blame those numbers which were sending you unnecessary SMS of filled with spam messages, job offers, free PAN service, credit card offers and so on. Find out why TRAI has put a limit on Free SMS.

Why TRAI limited free SMS to 200 per day per SIM?

Yes you got it right, the telemarketers who misused  the SMS pack from the operators.

The Authority is also aware that unsolicited commercial  communications can be/are being sent by unregistered 52  telemarketers. Such messages can be sent by any person and they are essentially in the category of P2P communications. However, in order to curb such messages, the Authority has decided that no Access Providers shall provide any SMS packages in any form (through voucher, student pack, seasonal pack, etc)  permitting sending of more than 100 SMS per day per SIM except on blackout days or days specially notified by TRAI.

Any such package already in use shall be withdrawn w.e.f 31.12.2010. Provisions have also been made to disconnect the telecom resources after giving notice if it is found that telemarketing activities are being done from the unregistered telemarketer.

This is documented in Page 51, 52 —Point 18.  If you remember TRAI did roll out tough regulation for Telemarketers in December.

Free SMS limited by TRAI

Overall this is a good step to restrict to an extent but it will be still tough for a customer as there is no place where they can call and register a complaint. A telemarketer will have more than 3-4 SIM on an average. The cost of SMS packs is peanuts to them. TRAI will have to figure out more ways to curb them.

Another segment that will be affected by this is students. They are the major buyers of SMS packs as it is the only thing that works even without the Internet. It will directly impact the operators who are making a lot of money for charging high on SMS.

In the age of the internet, SMS is used less. However it is still a powerful tool as most of the Banks, OTP and transaction details arrive via SMS. No wonder it is still a popular tool of the telemarketers.


  1. This is totally injustice and bullshit…. Why r we suffering due to all those telemarketers… Govt agencies cannot really control anything… They r incapable.. 🙁

  2. Not done yaar..Because of all those bullshit telemarketer we have to face problem. SMS has become indispensable part to stay in touch as we hardly get time to talk after spending our 80 percent of time in the office or colleges. TRAI must found some other solution to regulate this. We want our sms back. Only hundred sms is not enough to chat.

  3. what r they doing dont understand if at all then want to stop telmarketing then restrict then to take numbers or open a department where anyone can complain if they get call or message from a specific number .. i think these people are out of there head. 100 messages just go in telling hi hello to friends and relatives .. in this hi tech world if they do like thsi then they are fools .. instead rules for the victims should me tightened .. so that they will not dare to do all this … want our messages back .. atleast per day 300 messages should be allowed … as i have 270 contacts .. and on and average use 400 messages from my 500 per day plan.. someone should write to them and tell them to withdraw this stupid verdict..and bring some other solution…

  4. I have just contacted Airtel Delhi customer care and as per them TRAI has withdrawn the 100 SMS restriction per day. Have anyone heard abt it… Is this correct then pls keep posted here.

  5. nt don realy
    its undrstd dat tese telemarketrs sud b stpd
    bt cnt agre..if its ds way realy…
    100sms/day s nt at al don
    pls do take sum odr methds 2 stp dem
    pls.on bhlf of evry1 who needs smsin badly

  6. not done yr!!we hardly get time to call our realtives n friends after colleges and tutions. den SMS is the only way to get connect..100 SMS/DAY are very very less.

  7. Hey people r these authorities getting mad or what simply any person in India gets 5-10 telemarketing msgs max. to max. but most of the customers from 16-30 age are depend on sms due to their busy schedule and cost. I wonder if these people are taking India forward or Backward.
    100 dosen’t work at all we need at least 250 to 300 msg per day.
    Please TRAI people if u read this and you people got some thing in your head called mind do think seriously. Just to band those 52 telemarketer you people are affecting more than 52 lakh consumers….
    Totally disgusting rule…

  8. What the hell is this..

    i use to send atleast 1000 sms per day as i have got 700 friends and i use to be intouch with them every day..
    This stupid act has made my life so fucking boring.

    From where i can complaint on that i need to know otherwise i am gonna kill all these telemarketers…

    and i dnt know why that vodafone still got a recharge of Rs 75 in which they said that u cn send 10000 messages…

    one should complaint on that as they are misguiding people….

  9. 100 messages per day is not at al sufficient.this is definitely not good for the users. i dont think many of the users will agree for issue what trai has implemented. it wolud be fair if they allow atleast 400 or so.

  10. hey this is so bad……coz of those telemarketers govt cannot punish public on whole.in this way rather than helping public govt. is creating problm for us……this is not fair…..cannot be accepted

  11. Govt agencies are just making exhibition of their incapacitates.. CWG…ADARSH SOCIETY… N many more scam are left unnoticed… n consumers r being roped in such bull shit plans…

  12. This is crazy! i can’t sms my frnds anymore.. im gonna miss this long night sms parties!! X_X

  13. hey,
    To hell with TRAI..
    if they are in capeable of spoting the culprits they have no rite to force such a “BEEEEP” decision on all of us..!!

  14. i afraid, TRAI may ask us NOT 2 own mobile connection b’coz of telemarketing calls. If v r not havin mobile thn how will v be gettin telemarking calls? Nice idea no?? TRAI…. TRY IT NOW. Go2 hell.

  15. Tis s vry vry bad action… Tis ll mainly affect students.. Also 100 sms per day s not enough. Telemarketers not oly disturbing through sms but also they keep making unwanted calls. So the current action on SMS should be freed. We need our SMS’s back……..

  16. Well same old bullshit.. these people don’t have the brain or technology to resolve problems. So what can they do to show the public that they’re doing their job – let everyone suffer!!!! Problem Solved!

  17. the idea of limiting the number of free messages to 100 per day does not seem appealing. If the government wants to control the incessant troubling activities of telemarketers, it should find some other way out

  18. Worst ever thing to happen after i got phone yrs back!

    i really now dnt mind if de reverse d rule. m fyn wid telemarketers also now buh jus give my messages back….

    TRAI Understanding 😉

  19. oh dear!!! i spent my 100 within 6 hrs…… its damn boring to sit without looking at my gadget for the next 10 hrs!!!!! TRAI has no mercy at all……. F U B!!!!

  20. is this restriction placed on all network providers??? sum say….its only on some providers……plz tell me….

  21. This is not good for teens like me who are heavy texters , i feel 100 per day is too less , this is a ridiculous step , why was this step taken in the first place? Do they plan to make us suffer for others’ deeds? This is totally unfair !

    At least they should let us send more than 100 , what wrong did we even do to deserve this ?

    How long is this going to stay , anyone knows ?

    Or to my worst fear, its permanent?

  22. stupid rule….
    it really sucks…..
    100 sms/day…. is like eating pickle instead of a full meals…… hate these networks,,,,,,

  23. Hey this s really a shit …!!!Nothing can be done wit tat 100 sms..Pls sumone tell how to complain to the TRAI abt tis…i send more than 300 sms per day..so atleast make this as 300 or more per day..PLSS…

  24. cant some one think of us the youth.. we not only use it as a way to spend our time, but we also use it as a way to exchange our ideas acadamically too.. hundred sms per day is too restrictive and i do hope that the authorirties ll take some other alternatives and not let us suffer

  25. so the telemarketing s gonna stop wit dis.,noway!!! dey’ll extra sim an its gonna continue!! wer’s s u head govt, giv it a shot, make it workin

  26. Its not done yr why r we punished…..what have we done 100 sms r jst not enough. The govt must find some other way so solve d problem of telemarketer.

  27. This rule says, We are stopping FREE SMS or SMS package that provides cheap SMS more than 100 per day. But if you want to send more than 100 SMS per day then it will be charged at normal rates from your main balance.

  28. Hey,this s too bad ya…tis rule afectin students comunity nly…so its goi 2 loss their customers n cmin days…….

  29. very gud display of the incapability of present govt.already dey r in deep trash wit ADarsh,2g scam,s-bannd &CWg piled on dem.nw dis one by trai.very gud exhibition of instability .

  30. if u wana do something then go ti TRAI’s official site and feedback them on this rule……let them know how angry u r….telemaketer r no problem at all….actually TRAI ia corrupted now and actually working for companies…..TRAI is being paid for the rules by the companies….to increase their turn over….TRAI is making fool of costomers….thas it so go to TRAI’s site and show ur aggration

  31. plsss do change tis plan….. 100 msgs per day is not enough….. have to stay in touch with frnds n family members….. please y shld v too be affected… please change tis scheme..

  32. yaar now a days every small to big work is done via msgs…be it chatting, information abt colg, be it anything…100msgs in a day is v less…if they have to limit msgs …atleast they can limit to 400msgs per day..not 100…100 v v v less

  33. this is too much!! 100 sms is nt enough…..i have 18000 msgs to be finished !! 😡 !!! now my booster pack has becum waste… !!! take back ur regulation TRAI :/

  34. trai’s decision to limit smss to 100 per day doesn’t seem appealing, giving the reason to limit unwanted txts,

    being a sms priority user, m very much disappointed..
    cmmn everyone appeal trai to rollback this regulation…

  35. hiii friends iam shivakuru from erode

    uhhh this is stupid one 100 sms is is a waste one.

    the reason given by the TRAI is dummy reason i think.. they are cheating us.
    the reason is below this is the real reason






    1. we ppl the customers of all user should not send sms for contious 3 days ., u may get angry or wonder why to do this… the reason is the service provider will not earn any money in these 3 days on behalf of sms, the service provider will have a lose on 12- 13 crores
    due to this loss the net work provider will push this loss to TRAI in trouble so this rule will be withdrew atlest in 1 months

    plss support this idea


  36. This decission mostly affected by the students,because every sms is a way 2 remember any person at any time,now the fastly growing society,most of the people have much time to talk,in this case sms will be helpful,another thing that i know the handicaped persons use 100 or more sms per day,what will they do due to this limitation?TRAI may found another way to solve telemarketers sms,even 100 msg per day is not enough,so please want our sms back,for the friends who missing each other and the handicaped persons making their world more beautiful for each day.


  38. Hello every one..

    The mistake is fully on the government.
    I enquired from customer care, they told we have to put sms booster as always but our sms wil b restricted to 100 sms per day.
    wen government has put such stupid rule then they must give 100 sms per day free of cost.. restricting 100sms per day just to avoid spams n telemarketing is stupid decision n tat too v have to pay equally as before for sms booster n wil get opnly 100sms per day is highly injustice.
    just telling as example.

    AIRTEL 60/- 750per day 100 per day
    RELIANCE 39/- 500 per day 100 per day
    vodafone 60/- ~500 per day

  39. what is this???? y do we hav 2 suffer…. there has to be another way 2 solve dis problem//….. and one wants 2 do msg then he would be having enough other ways….. but TRAI wont be able 2 solve this problem this way…..

  40. its realy sucks___ it dissapointed each nd evry students in india.. msg chatting ws th only way to get in touch wth ur distant frns .. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ i request TRAI to find sm other ways to stop thos unncessary ads of unkwn cmpnies… 100 MSGS/DAY IS NOT ENOUGH … nd its luking like th deat of our cell fones its been kept in a corner aftr 100 msgs being sent in a day cz afta tht cel is of no use… :'( 🙁

  41. TRAI ppl dont have brain…nw a days ppl r mostly dependent on sms for their wrks..students r mainly effected due to this bullshit decision..i request TRAI ppl to chalk out a different plan… this plan will not work at all… really govt sucks…

  42. @shivakuru .. nice !DEA bro… m/— now i wont send any sms till 3 days … 🙂 lets hope for the best

  43. Hey reaaly this a very very stupid thing yaar… why they need to limit the public sms freedom for sme hell telemarketers,… Pls no customer s gonna be satisfied wit this.. pls take back ur rules

  44. These TRAI people… they should stop these telemarketers rather than us… We students have to face this problem a lott….. :@ :@ :@ :@

  45. why don’t the TRAI get that telemarketers aren’t gonna get affected by this…
    they will just buy more sim cards…
    i mean they come at Rs. 20 – 50 nowadays…

  46. if at all this restriction comes to effect, all the people who are badly in need to SMS should see to it that the government is changed..!

  47. Its fully injustice ya!! Behalf of stupid Telemarketers y the consumers should affect …. Most of the users having more than 300 contacts with them if they want to say atleast good morning to all it should not possible!!!!! Those Stupid telemarketers willbe controlled by any other way by the Govt. its not a fine path…..

    We all need our Sms packages again !!!!!

  48. i will quit living in india if im not allowed to text more than 100, i want 500 texts per day plan BACKK. who wants to live in f’kin india where our leaders are mentally psychotic?? and they believe in dictatorship. They want to control people’s freedom of communication in whatever way!!!

    Airtel Kolkata

  49. really it is very big disappoint for us,we were paid about 119, 60 rs …………etc for unlimited sms per day. but due to misuse of telemarketing people we are suffering here, and money getting totally waste.

  50. and this totally irritating us, it make us to think to stop sms completely, instead of paying un necessarily money

  51. Being a student I am having more than 5 sim cards , the telemarketers will have hundreds in number.The new rule by TRAI will not effect any of the telemarketer but the persons who ultimately effected are students, who don’t have much time to interact with all friends in this busy era,sms is the only source for them to interact n keep in touch.

  52. this rule really hurts.

    i have given my negative feedback about this rule in TRAI Website.
    i request u all to do so.

  53. Hello every one..

    The mistake is fully on the government.
    I enquired from customer care, they told we have to put sms booster as always but our sms wil b restricted to 100 sms per day.
    wen government has put such stupid rule then they must give 100 sms per day free of cost.. restricting 100sms per day just to avoid spams n telemarketing is stupid decision n tat too v have to pay equally as before for sms booster n wil get opnly 100sms per day is highly injustice.
    just telling as example.

    AIRTEL 60/- 750per day 100 per day
    RELIANCE 39/- 500 per day 100 per day
    vodafone 60/- ~500 per day 100 per day

    isnt this unfair?? we have to pay as before but we can enjoy only less for tat.. highly unfair.

    i so kindly request every one to join hands & try our best , lets request the government to change the rule..
    I dono if our request wil be accepted or not , but just jets give a try.

    i have heared tat http://www.consumercomplaints.in/ in this website if our complaint is worth some action wil be taken within 30 days.

    lets try our best in al means. we pay our money but dont get worthful outputs.

    thanks in advance..
    & all sms lovers lets be in touch in this site.. every one post ur views here

  54. they don’t know the value of sms..:( we need our sms package back………hate this rule totally and completely…….:@

  55. wat is dis yaar…..der is no meaning in dis scheme…dis democratic country….because of sme stupid telemarketers d general public has to suffer…i vl be good if trai takes dis decision back…

  56. This is realllyyyyy awful i just dont undersatnd what r they trying to do……..if they want to restrict the tele marketeers they shud come up with better ideas how can they restrict every body………the most affected are v students…….hope the sense prevails soon

  57. yaar got an idea those who r hvng dual sims can take a small advantage but it is bit expensive to rc both sims nd we can keep on chnging the second sim..

    if u want 300 den 3 sims

    nd donn say noe u want 1000 its tough to mange…

    but its reallly a bad decision…

    i nd mah gf thought of this idea to b in contact….

  58. They knew telemarketer companies have thousands of workers under them and everyone has a cell…telemarketers have a thousand alternatives for sending messages..bt we the students have a single medium chating wid our friends and that is also gone now….just 100 sms are not enough yar. They should stop telemarketers, Why Are they stopping us by doing dis…?? Does anyone have any answer to dis..??

  59. dear our govt

    Its undrstd dat tese telemarketrs sud b stpd
    bt cnt agre..if its ds way realy…
    100sms/day s nt at al don
    pls do take sum odr methds 2 stp dem
    pls.on bhlf of evry1 who needs smsin badly

  60. Yeah right,

    Which brilliant person at TRAI thought of this idea? So now all genuine mobile customers who have one sim and one number will be able to send out 100 smses, whereas telemarketers will buy hundreds of sim cards in bulk and send 100 smses from each one of these sim cards. So eventually genuine users will be able to send only 100 sms messages a day and telemarketers will still send out thousands.

  61. dey cant deiced how many msg v have to sent to our frds n loved one… v r paying to operator n not TRAI…. if v dont have any prblm with telemarketers den y dey r gettin worried abt all those things… cant dey think abt something eles… der r many other problems which needs der attention…. or just to run away frm dat problems dey r implementing any rules and regulations….. _|_ TRAI……

  62. If they wanted to restrict certain set of people then they have to tale steps to do that. If they cant stop telemarketers, then they have a flaw in their system and their management to identify the solution.

    I would recommend TRAI to better use their common sense to resolve the issue rather than affecting normal people. If they cant do it, better leave ur jobs.

    When the nation is burning with lotta scams including CWG, 2G and etc, here comes another irritating thing.

  63. @shivakuru : hey shiva just promote dis on fb n i m sure u will get gud response on fb….. lets do it… no sms for 3 days…. lets all of us post it on fb….

  64. How will 100sms per day be enough it won be enough even for an emergency situation also.. then whats the use of buying booster pack. We are suffering because of somebody else. Kindly remove this rule.

  65. its not that we cant send more than 100 sms per day…..we can send more than 100 too..but smses above 100’ll be charged….this rule is a non sense..

  66. @ TRAI

    if u want solution for this problem, then why dont you take students opinion first, coz we are the largest users of sms pack, u r not supposed to take decisions like dis…

    even though you limit the number of messages the telemarketers use alternate ways to advertise,
    but wat about students????

    have you ever thought about that???

    you know messages are the cheapest way for us to keep in touch with others,

    hope the TRAI tuglaks will withdraw this…

  67. ya each msg ll cost 1 rupee. dis s bullshit ppl!!! too mch shit s goin on.. to cvr der mistakes dey r punishing us1!1:-@

  68. the telemarketing companies never ever irritated us… TRAI is irritating us by taking this bullshit decision.. TRAI has provd that india is just a developing country.. They don’t have any other technology to take a fair decision. Who the hell they are to take such decision and torture people. Instead of taking this kinda foolish decision, TRAI should have made a department to take customer’s complaints and solve them. But they don’t even want to bother. They have found the easiest way to torture people, not themselves. Go to hell TRAI!!

  69. Heloo..

    This is Really very Bad Decision..cozz i Agree Wid all thes Above Comments. U ppl shud change this Rule at anycost .. :-X :-X

  70. TRAI!!!!!!!! Are u listening????
    Read “Maximus Longus”‘s comment…

    U cant stop telemarketers lik dis….

    Give back our msgs….

  71. hey TRAI…
    100 sms are just not enough, plz stoppppp tortuting us…its badly affecting students a lott lot, we really need sms pack back….
    no one can afford much calls….
    we r paying for 10000 sms per month n we r getting onli 3000 per month n its really wrong….take ur decision back or else we’ll do wat u wouldn’t had ever thought……
    atleast just increasse msgs by 500….
    500 msgs is a minimum usage by a normal person nw a days…..
    i hope u guys will understand us….

    have mercy plzzzzzzzzzz

  72. i think airtel dropped dis 100sms/day barriar.when i check my msg count 2day (*125*4#),the count is zero. until yestday it counted for every msg i sent.

  73. Well First and foremost they put up a facility saying Do Not Disturb! How effective was that?! I still receive numerous unwanted messages and voice call crap sometimes even from the service providers themselves whether we like it or not.

    A probable solution for dealing with Telemarketers is simply as stated below:

    1. Don’t allow numbers that cannot be called back or replied to if a telemarketer sends an SMS that way they’re either gonna get it from the TRAI or the customers themselves! A customer can note down the number, save the messages and when an offense is repeated after warning the messages can be provided to the Service Provider or Police as evidence and they can track down those who are registered to those numbers and if unregistered be treated as equivalent to terrorists and be hunted down and screwed!

    2. Do some very strict Policing and track these m*th@rf*#k@rs’ numbers and screw them, hell put them in jail for all I care. Let the Service Providers have a number to which offenders’ messages and numbers can be forwarded to so that necessary action can be taken! What are the so called triangulation traces and all for and when they can track and Record Radia and Co. Why can’t they trace the telemarketers and Do the Needful! Is it really That Difficult?

    3. The other stupid thing I find is Blackout Days! We get SMS packs and all and can’t use it on the days that they are actually supposed to be the most helpful!!! The service provider should have the capacity to provide a method of sorting out the congestion instead of putting their incapacity as a burden on the customers. Doesn’t make any sense at all! I don’t care if my freakin’ message goes late on that day as long as it goes and you don’t charge me since I have already paid for a freakin’ SMS pack!!! Common Sense! Where is it these days?!

  74. @shubham-yeah something should b done by the govt..take the help of media if u think it helps..

  75. @shivakuru:
    hi man yo idea s good bt its nt possible…..

    v cant unite from diff places n protest lik dis..
    None of us ll b sure whether others r also supportin dem or not…

    How s my idea? Do u tink media can help us??

  76. this is very bad…its not right to punish all the public…TRAI must find another solution for this problem…please remove such conditions……..

  77. TRAI has lost their brains.. Instead of finding a solution to the problem, they are killing the means of the problem. What they do not understand is that there are ppl who actually use sms’s for legal and lawful purposes rather than telemarketing.. It has really pissed me off cos one thing i used to love about airtel was their 15000 sms for rs 95.

    That is why India shall always remain backward is because of ppl like these who cannot think ahead. Progress cannot be achieved unless there is an open mind..

    May their non existant brains rot in hell..

  78. Hey TRAI!!!!
    Listen still we receive same no. of msgs from telemarketers…
    Your this method didnt work out..
    Try something different & give back our msgs.. Dont punish us.. :'(((
    We badly need those msg packs… Pls Pls Pls…

    Rahem khao yaar!!!

  79. we want more…
    they are troubling our way to keep in touch with our friends.
    we don’t have enough money to call all the friends.

  80. well this shows how badly we’re addicted to cellular phones.
    it’s sad but still always look at the bright side =)


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