Why your Social Profile can be a factor for HR to recruite

Many of us are  used to now creating our own images through different web pages like Facebook, Orkut, twitter etc. For students it’s a way of chatting with their friends or probably a cost-effective way out to stay connected to old friends who might be in abroad or living in other states. At the same time professionals are using it as stress- busters in their every day’s busy schedule.

For us it might be a casual stuff but please now make use of this sites very carefully while portraying yourself. Though its stress buster but expressing too much of thoughts and feelings exposes your other part of life which may be taken positive or negative by many people.

Social media sites

Social media sites

Many corporate houses are checking candidates profile in this  kind of websites to match up their profile with what they portrayed in their Resume. Once you apply for job in these Organisations, your social nature or behaviour will be cross checked and according to your social behaviour you might get judged by them. There is a high chance that your CV might get rejected in case of disclosure of unethical facts or habits.

There are lot of conflicts going on between different business houses  whether to consider this while recruiting right candidates since one might show or portray things in a different way to catch up attraction of his or her friend’s which might not be true many times.  Though these has not been started rapidly by the Indian company’s but the fact is one should not get surprised if so happen with him / her.

Concluding what I think about using Social Media is that you should be careful. Though you get personal id but that doesnt say that you can do whatever you want. There had been many cases where people were arrested for notorious act on Internet. Be careful be good and keep your personal rage inside.  Its internet you are exposed more than in person.

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