Wish Smart Coating comes to India

Can you imagine of a coating on your roof that will adjust itself with the external temperature and keep the internal environment soothing and you keep your ac switched off to save on bills ?

At the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in San Francisco the miracle roof coating has been discussed. Ben Wen, Ph.D., leader of the research project and the Vice president of United Environment & Energy LLC in Horseheads, N.Y.

Smart Roof Coating

Smart Roof Coating

Surprised? Yes it’s true. And to tell you more this coating is made from the waste cooking oil used after cooking Kachori and Puris. I know the next point that will pop up is what about the smell? This layer is non-flammable, non-toxic and odorless. The coating is available in any shade depending upon the additives used and can be coated on any type of roof. This smart roof coating can read a thermometer.

How does the coating works ?

During summer the coating will reflect the heat and in winter it will transmit heat to warm the interior. It will help to save electricity and fuel and reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds from petroleum-based roofing products. The waste cooking oil is processed into a liquid polymer that gets harden into a plastic layer once applied. The composition of the coating helps it to tune with the temperature.

Tests have proved that the coating can reduce roof temperature by about 50 — 80 percent in warm weather and in cool weather it could increase roof temperatures up to 80 percent. The invention is really an innovative one and longevity is also more.

In India we have good percentage of people living in village where either electricity has not  reached or there are too much of power cuts. In those cases this coating can help poor villagers and farmers who already have scarcity for money and can give them a better home.  The only factor would be how much cost effective it can be.

Via Popular Science

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