World Kidney Day and How you can take care of it

Second  Thursday of March is celebrated as the World Kidney Day. It is celebrated among 100 countries of the world. As we all know that Kidney is one of the main organ to which our body depends. But few people knows the importance of kidney and how we can protect it. So on the occasion of World Kidney Day let us discuss about the importance of kidney.

Reason to celebrate World Kidney Day:

It  is celebrated to create an awareness among the people. The people should know about the fact of kidney and  must protect them at all costs in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to  avoid hypertension as well as other heart problem. About 16% of the Indian population suffering from various kidney disorders.   The recent studies proves that there is a direct relation between the Kidney and Heart. So If you want to save your heart , first save your kidney.

There is also an official website of World Kidney Day which brings you more information on this. Here is the official Video of Kidney Day :

Causes of the disorder of kidney or kidney failure: There are many reason which can be responsible for the disorder of kidney. Some of them are
World Kidney Day

  • Diabeties
  • Blood pressure
  • Hypertension
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Modern life style

What can we do to save our Kidney:

  • Routine measurement of BP and urine examinations.
  • Compulsory screening of high risk patients for Chronic Kidney Disorder (CKD).
  • Informing patients with CKD and teaching them self help techniques.
  • Eat fruits regularly.
  • Drink plenty of  water as it helps the kidney to do its work effectively.
  • Walking and yogas are also good for kidney.
  • Quit smoking immediatly.
  • Keep your body weight normal.

Here is list of 7 Golden Rules which you can follow.

So what are you thinking? Start to protect your kidney right from today by taking some simple measure.


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