Yahoo Movieplex : Watch Bollywood Movies online for Free

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, and prefer spending your time watching movies on your computer or laptop, this news is for you. Now you can watch Bollywood movies online for Free, this service known as Movieplex. Movieplex has been launched by Yahoo, and allows anyone to watch movies online for Free.

Simply go to the Yahoo Movieplex page, there you will see the list of movies available, click on the movie, and it will start playing soon, now grab a bowl of popcorn or may be your favorite beverage and enjoy the movie.

YouTube also allows you to watch movies online for free, and under this service one can watch movies in other Regional Indian Languages as well. Also, YouTube has a huge list of movies available for online viewing, whereas Yahoo Movieplex just has 8 movies as of now. No doubt, adding more movies on Yahoo Movieplex will definitely be one of the top priority tasks for the Movieplex team, but in order to see the list and the movies they will upload in future we need to wait, let us hope we soon see a huge list.

Yahoo Movieplex Bollywood Movies

Also, it realized that the streaming of the movies is better on the YouTube as compared to the Yahoo Movieplex, i.e. while watching the movie on YouTube you experience less pauses even on a slower net connection.

Yahoo Movieplex definitely is a great concept, but as of now, loads of improvements are to be made in order to make this service popular among the masses. No doubt, the speed of you net connection will highly be responsible for the quality of the online movie watching experience.

Visit the Yahoo Movieplex


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