Yatra Desktop Buddy: App to Search and Book Flights, Train Tickets and much more

Generally to book train and flight tickets, we need to go through a portal which provides such services. Here is a desktop application, Yatra Desktop Buddy, an Adobe AIR based application, which helps you to easily book train and flights from your desktop. 

Apart from train and flight booking it also allows you to access couple of important information, like, City Weather, City News, and City Events, about most of the important Indian cities. 

yatra desktop buddy book tickets for train and flights, get city weather, news etc.


Yatra Desktop Buddy has a setup file of less than 2Mbs, installing which you come across a window as shown below, simply select the job you want to perform, and move. 

yatra desktop buddy make a choice like ticket booking city new etc. and move


Railway and Airline ticket booking is exactly like any web portal, first you search for available option between the source and destination of journey on particular date, and it takes you through a guided step by step procedure to book your ticket. 

Something which I liked a lot about this app is, unlike the official Indian Railways Website; you can directly choose a particular railway station, like you don’t get ‘Kalyan’ as an option in drop down list while searching for train between a pair of stations. Here you can either directly type in ‘Kalyan’ or even if you type in ‘Mumbai’ it shows almost all the railway stations in ‘Mumbai’, have a llok at the snapshot below. 

yatra desktop buddy more user friendly as compared to official indian railways site

City Weather can be accessed for several Indian cities by making a choice from the drop down list, on the same lines City News and Events also has the drop down list, clicking in the particular news or event, opens the page in a new browser tab of your default browser. 

I liked this app a lot, go ahead and try it for your booking and updating yourself for the news, weather and events. Do share your views with us about Yatra Desktop Buddy, via comments.  Download Yatra Desktop Buddy

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  1. I really loved the application Kudos to Yatra for stepping towards new innovative things.

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