Welcome to Technospot.IN, the brainchild of  Ashish and Manav, a site that will not only find exclusive, untold, and unfolded insights into India but also help Indians find more resources that can be helpful in their daily life.

What Ashish says :

Finding hidden things has always been my passion, even to normal eyes. Like in technology, people don’t use certain things, which can make them much more productive; the same happens when you try to find resources in India. There are tons of sites that have information, but none of them are either exposed, or people have tried looking for it.

We aim to bring these sites, startups, thoughts, and discussions to make people more aware of India and Indian bases. We will do the same as in .NET for Technology; we will help people find, learn and use information scattered around and make them more productive.

What Manav says :

I remember the last time Ashish and I met, it all started with discussing the places to visit in Agra; I have spent almost four years in this beautiful Indian city. Ashish was mesmerized by some facts we people generally don’t know about Agra.

The story started from here; we started thinking about a site that could tell people more about India; later, to see it as a valuable resource for several Indian genres, we decided to dedicate it to India, Indian Culture, Indian Startups, Indian Tech, etc.

Our sincere effort will be to develop Technospot as a resource for India and related stuff. We look forward to writing on almost everything we think is worth mentioning on the Internet.

We wanted to launch Technospot.In a bit late, maybe after 2-3 months, but to start something related to India, which day could be more appropriate than Independence Day? So we are here, though with stumbling steps, as things have been done in less time than required.