New Auto Rickshaw Fare chart details in Mumbai

Here are the details of the New fare chart of Auto Rickshaw effective from 25th April 2012 which was published over Mid Day news paper. In this post, I have included the image which contains the changed fare rates. I will suggest you to click on the image and download the larger image for better clarity.

Though we have a couple of sites (details below) which keep up with the changed rates, I really wish somebody can build an app for this, so if you have an app, let us know, and we will add it here. Thanks Netra for sharing this.

The websites about which I had talked in the post include calculation for both taxi and auto fare  in Mumbai and other cities like Pune, Delhi etc.  Apart from these, you can also try Taxi Auto Fare service which works across India.

Miday New Auto Fare in Mumbai

Also if, you have internet on your mobile you can go to and enter the fare to calculate the amount to be paid. This site is often updated so don’t have to worry about the correctness of the calculation. Also, make sure you ask for the latest tariff card from the  Auto Drivers so you can crosscheck the rates with them

Rickfare Calculation

In case you find the online service not calculating the rates correctly, it is possibly because since it the new rates came into effect recently and you might like to wait for them to upate the calculation.

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  1. dear freind,
    this autorickshawwallahs never needed an increment,
    they r fooling passengers like hell,
    their meter`s r so fast ,when ur original meter is 100/- they have tampered their meter so cleverly instead of 100/- they charge anywhere between 130/- to 140/-…they cheat the r.t.o authorities also so cleverly ,whenever their vehicle goes for test or inspection they make the tampered meters as it were, so the authorities also get cheated aftr passing the test again the metre comes to its original tampered meter,for this the r.t.o authorities should gadget themselves with the surprise checks or inspection on road and not to the r.t.o office,but our system will never come with a foolproof initiative,,start punishing them immediately without any bribes?????

  2. now this has also changed, the rates have been rounded.


  4. @Robin, why should the increase in auto taxi fares be protested against?
    Do you know how much CNG prices have increased upto in the last month? Auto taxi drivers too need to make a living in costly city Mumbai right?

  5. Its fare enough to give them increement.looking at the prize hike.

  6. Mumbai Rickshaw meter calculation wef 24th Jun’10

    1st unit = Rs 11

    For ever subsequent increment per unit (.10) is Rs 1.30

    Eg – Meter reading shows 2.00 then

    Rs 11 for 1st unit + Rs 1.3 * 10 (units) = 11+13 = 24

    Can be confirmed at

  7. Hi,

    I just wanted to add that there is nothing wrong in the increase of auto fares due to an increase in CNG prices. But its also to be noted that the previous rates were not meant for CNG but infact for diesel/petrol. Thus they were charging higher rates from the begining, because the RTO’s didnt lower the meter reading as per CNG users. But then its for the good, none should be left behing. I just wish they would be honest and stopped tampering with their meters, as the difference in the meter reading from one rick to the other is staggering.

  8. Dont worry, Mobile 4 Mumbai is coming with interesting solution, Even fare is hiked, you can travel very cheaply and with same comfort…. We are working and likely to take 6-8 month !!!

    till the time enjoy 🙂

    oh, btw, MumbaiAuto App you can download so no need of GPRS no need of SMS can get offline mumbaiauto app.

  9. How to get this rate card on mobile. I am not able chk website on my cell.
    Can anyone share the calculate fare formula so i will save these formula in my cell in excle format.

    Or any other ideas?

  10. simple formula

    meter reading * 13 -2

  11. I am looking for relation between meter reading and distance traveled.

  12. The auto wala. are bigger cheat they are cheating us .The auto meter should be check when they are on road by the R.T.O .It better having our own car.

  13. I am live at Goregaon ( East ). Here is available Share Rickshaw Stand at Gokuldham School.There is only Stand. How to help us?

  14. Dear all, no need to keep the rate cards, or to login into any website not even, heres a easy way to calculate the fare :

    (Meter reading X 1.3) – 2 ruppees = amount to be paid.

    Do not forget to round off. If its 11.2 it will be 11, and if its 11.8 then its 12 and if its 11.5 it will be 11 )

    e.g: (25 is the meter reading X 1.3) – 2 = 30.5 = 30, you can check this on

    take other example : (52 X 1.3) – 2 = 65.60 = 66

    I hope that saves your time, offcourse you will ask how to calculate, i hope everyone carries a mobile now a days…. THANKS

  15. whatever malpractices auto drivers are doing are not to be defended. one needs to protest against it.. no doubt.

    But i would like to ask one thing to many people that when we purchase clothes or other stuffs in malls how much they loot. eg we purchase a jeans for around 1200- 1500 in malls.its actual cost is 450- 500 RS. but we never protest against it. its for sure that everybody would try to get profit..but how much..3 times..just that plush look reduce your voice. you would feel shy to bargain there… its against your status..

    so why this dual attitude?

  16. Check out the SmartShehar Mumbai apps on Android phones. The Auto app, not only does the calculation for you, it even allows you to have your own meter on the phone.

  17. Can any1 tel that how is the new auto fare calculated ?

  18. Any Particular reason why the earlier comment was deleted?

  19. every auto wala meter is wrong. 15Rs. is starting. wht can do?

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