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India is celebrating 11th November as the National Education Day

National Education Day India

Education has become one of the essential things in any one’s life. It is necessary to create an awareness of people responsibilities and willing to contribute to the growth of the nation and as well as well being of society. The development and growth of a country depending on the citizens of that country. If the people of the country ...

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Khoya Paya can help you Find Your Missing Child (Government Portal)

Find Your Missing Child

With the nation going online and an increase in the number of internet users with each passing day, GOI is also leaving no stones unturned in digitizing India. Ministry of Women and Child Development on 2nd June 2015 launched a web portal named Khoya-Paya to exchange information on missing and found children. If you have found a kid who seems ...

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Helplines for Women in Chennai

Helplines Women Chennai

This is an extremely useful set of phone numbers that any woman can be used at the time of distress or when you are in trouble. The list is prepared by Prajnya Trust. These numbers are of Social Welfare Society, or if you need to leave your daughter for a small duration safely, phone counseling, legal aid, psychiatric support and ...

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Inflation & Deflation: Its cause and effect on our daily life

Indian Inflation

I am sure many of you have heard about Inflation and deflation on TV, in Newspapers and many other places. But do you know what they mean, its cause and effect on our daily life? If not, let’s learn about Inflation, Deflation, and its Cause and Effect in daily life. Inflation & Deflation: Its purpose and impact on our everyday ...

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Best Tips to keep your Credit Card safe

Credit card safety

We all use a Credit card somewhere. You are buying Movie tickets, paying phone bills, or hotel bills. Its fun to carry no cash but at the same time you need to safeguard it because its Credit, money which you dont have, but you spend and if you dont keep it safe somebody else might spend it for him or ...

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How to apply for Passport Online in India

Passport Preview India

After Passport Seva Kendra started a few years ago, it has become a lot easier to apply for Passport Online in India. Most of the details are taken online; there is an option to upload documents, photo and biometric data are taken during the process. Earlier it used to be so much of hassle with less clarity on the documents ...

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How to Apply for Patents Online in India

How to Apply for Patents Online in India

A patent is a kind of license which is given by the government of the country which provides you with exclusive rights to market the product for a particular duration of time. For example, if you have developed a special tea and get a patent on it, nobody else can market or make a product like it. However, in India, ...

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How to get a PAN and TAN number Online

Changes Correction PAN CARD

PAN and TAN numbers are essential in India when it comes to Income Tax. PAN is useful for those who file income tax, while TAN is for those who deduct TDS from salaries. In this post, we will share how you can get or apply for a PAN number and a TAN number online in India. How to apply for ...

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How to book LPG Cylinder for Preferred Time Delivery

Book LPG Preferred Time

India is one of the countries where the gas cylinder is an important thing. It can be found in every Indian kitchen. Home delivery of LPG cylinders in India is the most extensive system in the world. Domestic LPG is a highly subsidized product being used by over 11.5 crore people across the country. It includes more than 50% of ...

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How to find more about the Sender ID in SMS

Bulk SMS Sender ID

A few years ago TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India )enforced regulations because of which when any company or working body which sends bulk SMS need to register with a unique ID, also called as Sender ID. The unique ID in India is the eight-character length, e.g. AX-AIRTEL. These shortcodes can reveal a bit about who is sending the SMS. ...

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