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These posts are about how you can get things done online in India. Right from applying for a PAN card to complaining about banks to RBI or about Telecom to TRAI. We have talked about applying for a passport to how you can get your phone number in DND mode.

CoWin Registration Page

How to Register with Co-Win for Covid-19 Vaccination (Book Appointment)

The Indian government has opened up the application process for Covid 19 Vaccination through their Co-Win platform, where citizens above the age of 60 can register (for now). The process is...
Miday New Auto Fare in Mumbai

New Auto Rickshaw Fare chart details in Mumbai

As the Petrol prices have sored, the base fare of both Auto Rickshaw and Taxi has been hiked by Rs 3 and will be effective from 1st March. The starting meter...
Claim GST Refund

How to Claim for GST Refund for Export of Goods

The word export deals with the supplying and trading of various goods and services beyond the domestic territory of the country. A new concept of 'zero-rated supply' is introduced as per...
Why is it Important to renew car insurance policy on time before it expires?

Why is it Important to renew car insurance policy on time before it expires?

If you own a car, then you will definitely be the owner of an insurance policy as well. An insurance policy for your car is both a necessity during an accident...
India Online Grocery

India’s Biggest Online Grocery Stores

In this modern world of today, the internet has become a major part of our daily lives. We can get solutions to most of our problems with the use of the...
English Hindi lyrics Patriotic Songs

Get English and Hindi lyrics of Patriotic Songs of India

Independence Day is on August 15th, and soon you will start hearing the patriotic songs on the streets, radio channels, TV etc.If somehow you are looking for the lyrics of some...

How to apply for Ration Card Online through e-PDS portal

Ration Card is one of the crucial documents which can be used when applying for Passport or Aadhar card. While its importance has dropped the past couple of years, if you...
Ceiling Fans Walkthrough

The Only Walkthrough You Need on Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a part of any home décor. Whether you’re remodelling your current house or building a new one, you’ll want the best ceiling fans for your home. There’s nothing...
Delhi Hunger Relief Centre

Find Delhi Hunger Relief Centre on Google Maps

India is under lockdown as it fights against the Covid-19 virus. While it is safe to stay at home, there is a huge population of poor people that needs to be...
Paypal PAN KYC

How to enter PAN details or KYC for PayPal India Account

PayPal started asking for PAN or Permanent Account Number details as per government regulations to make sure the money is tracked. If you haven't added your PAN number to PayPal, it...

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