Copyright Regulations and Policy

If you are interested in linking, quoting, or reprinting articles from Technospot.IN  in whole or in part, please do read our copyright policy:

How to link back to Technospot.IN ?

You can create a post with short note of the article which you want to link with giving credit to Author and the post with complete URL. Please do not just hyper link to home page. Moreover the short note should be more than a paragraph.

How to re-print content to Off line or Print Media ?

If you are publishing a Magazine or Newspaper and Interested to re print my article, you are welcome to do so but you will have to provide the Authors Name, The Site name and Complete URL of the article.

How to re-print content to Online Print Media ?

This is not a very good idea but if you feel to do so please contact me with your request. They can be re-printed only after proper approval from the author and in this cases the authors have to be paid. For further details use our contact page.

What will happen when you copy the content without permission?

  • Every hosting service follow Copyright act which means any site hosted on their site are not allowed to copy or infringe anything from others without prior permission. So if you do, you r hosting will be informed and your sight will be suspended. I have done it twice before and I will do it again.
  • Google follows something for copyright protection called as DMCA ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Acting on which can not only get your site banned but also out of Google index. You will not be able to get any visitors from anywhere.
  • The rest I will do is call upon every bloggerI know and let them know about it.

So best is don’t copy else you will face a situation from where you will have no go other than to ban the site yourself.