How to track Speed Post & eMO via SMS

Now Speed Post and eMO (electronic money order) can be easily tracked via SMS service. India Post has come up with this new service where you can track Speed Post & eMO via SMS.

track Speed Post & eMO via SMS

How to track Speed Post & eMO via SMS?

We need to send SMS to 55352 in the below-mentioned format

  • For Speed Post: SP<space>Speed Post number  OR   EMS<space>Speed Post number
  • For eMO: MO<space>eMO PNR No  OR  EMO<space>eMO PNR No

Every speed post number has “IN” mentioned at the last. While typing the speed post no we don’t need to type this “IN”.  Eg. EK123456789IN – while sending SMS we need to type – sp ek123456789. Numbers are not case sensitive.  You will be charged for the SMS as your service provider. The data preserved for the purpose of SMS is only for the three months i.e from the day of booking. There are more ways to track Speed Post which Manav has explained clearly here using their online tool.

Speed Post started in August 1986 and is the leader in the domestic express industry covering 1200 towns in India with 290-speed post centers. It delivers ‘Value for money’ all around. It was started with ‘One India, One Rate’ – charging standard rate @ INR 25 across India. Other charges of speed post are :

Local Speed Post @ INR 12
One India One Rate Speed Post @ INR 25
Given below are the revised Speed Post rates effective 11th June 2007
WeightLocalUp to 200 km201 to 1000 km1001 to 2000 kmAbove 2000 km
Up to 50 gramsINR 12*INR 25*INR 25*INR 25*INR 25*
51 to 200 gramsINR 20INR 25INR 30INR 50INR 60
201 to 500 gramsINR 20INR 40INR 45INR 70INR 80
Additional 500 grams or part thereofINR 5INR 7.50INR 15INR 30INR 40

*includes services tax and education cess | Find the latest rates in their calculator –

Do you track Speed Post & eMO via SMS? or do you stick to online tracking which can be done via their website? You will need to create an account with them to do that.

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