New Auto Rickshaw Fare chart details in Delhi

Here are the details of the New fare chart of Auto Rickshaw effective from 2019. The Auto Union has demanded that the new auto fare should be Rs 25/km, which is 18.75% more as the meter down charge will be for the first 1.5 Km instead of 2 km.  In this post, I have shared details of night charges, waiting for charges and luggage charges as per the fare change, and the New Auto Rickshaw Fare chart details in Delhi.

Even Mumbai recently had hiked in Auto Rickshaw charges.

New Auto Rickshaw Fare chart details in Delhi

Auto-Rickshaw Rs 25/- for the first fall of 1.5 Kilometer (upon downing the meter) and after that Rs. 9.5/- per Kilometer for every additional Kilometer
Night Charges 25% of the fare (11:00 PM to 5:00 AM)
Waiting Charges Rs 45/- per hour  or 0.75 per minute or part thereof (Subject to a minimum of 15 minutes stay)
Luggage Rs. 7.50/- shall be charged as extra luggage charges whereas the driver/ operator shall not charge and money for a shopping bag or a small suitcase

That said, it will take time for autorickshaw meters to be recalibrated.  Until that is complete, you will have to calculate the fare manually. According to the government, it will take around one and a half months for the whole process. Until then, they will charge the fare as per the new fare structure.

So how do you calculate the new auto fare based on the old meter? The calculation is relatively simple. Earlier it was Rs 8 per KM which is now Rs 9.5. Thats an increase of Rs 1.5/ Km. All you need to do is at pay 18.75% more on the current meter charges to meet the new auto-rickshaw fare in Delhi.

It is an approximate calculation. If you feel this can be more accurate, let us know in the comments. I wish there were an AutoRickshaw app which could have kept track of these fare changes, and would have let us know about it.

Use Google Maps to calculate Auto fare

Delhi Auto Fare Calculator in Google Maps

  • Open Google Maps, and enter source and destination.
  • Once done, tap on the icon where the map displays Ola and Uber Fare.
  • It now also displays auto-rickshaw fare as well.
  • Tap on the I icon to see the rate, minimum fare, and total auto fare.

If you cannot see this feature, make sure to update your Google Maps.


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