Benefits of Wheat Bran (Chokar)

Sometimes even ordinary things become very useful. One of such helpful thing is Wheat Bran which is commanly known as Chokar in India. Let me explain about Chokar and the benefits of Wheat Bran (Chokar). In the end, we have also shared from where you can buy Wheat Bran.

What is Wheat Bran (Chokar)?

Most grains, like wheat and oats, have a hard outer layer.  When they are processed, this layer becomes a by-product and is called bran (Chokar).  In the case of processing wheat to make wheat flour, one gets miller or wheat bran.  Wheat bran is packed with nutrition and offers many dietary benefits.  Wheat bran cereal is good for breakfast food. It is a wholesome food, and one does not feel hungry for a long time. Wheat bran is inexpensive and versatile, and there are several ways to add it to your diet.

Benefits of Wheat Bran (Chokar)

Chokar is very helpful and useful to you in many ways such as

  • The regular intake of Chokar helps in curing constipation problem.
  • Reduces fat
  • Controls diabetes, like Amla or Gooseberry, as it has minerals necessary for insulin excretion, which is suitable for diabetics
  • Provides more energy for the body
  • Helps a lot to improve the digestive system
  • It  is considered a portion of adequate food for children
  • Prevent asthma in children

How to use Wheat Bran (Chokar)?

Wheat BranYou can use Chokar daily. Mix 100 gms of Chokar with one kg whole wheat flour. Have chappatis or bread daily made out of this mixture? Very soon, you will realize the goodness of it. Chew well while eating. Take atleast 15 minutes while eating two chappatis.

Wheat Bran cannot be stored like regular wheat flour.  It tends to get rancid and is best stored in the refrigerator, especially if one plans to save it for long.  Alternately, it may be stored in a vacuum-sealed canister at a moderate temperature.  If you note that the Wheat Bran tastes bitter, it is probably rancid and should be discarded.

Where we can use Wheat Bran (Chokar)?

You can use wheat bran in the following ways.

  1. Add a couple of tablespoons of wheat bran to your oatmeal or other hot cereal before cooking.
  2. Sprinkle some fresh wheat bran over your hot cereal before eating.
  3. Substitute Wheat Bran for bread crumbs or cracker crumbs when making meatloaf or meatballs. Just mix it into the meat mixture, and cook as usual.
  4. Sprinkle wheat bran on fruits, applesauce, breakfast yogurt, and even pudding or ice cream to add texture.
  5. Knead a couple of tablespoons of wheat bran into your regular pizza dough. Roll the dough out as usual and add your favorite toppings before baking. When making bread, knead up to one-quarter of a cup of wheat bran, per loaf, into regular bread dough to add dietary fiber.
  6. Use your blender to grind wheat bran until fine and add it to biscuits, pie crusts and other pastries.

Here is one more thing that you should know. Try to drink water after one hour of eating Wheat Bran.  Make sure to take time to drink water, and drink a small amount of water at an equal interval.

Chokar is easily available at the online store. Here is the link to buy from Amazon.


  1. Kindly tell — the Deliverer of – Wheat Choker Bran for human Consumption – Paid on Delivery – in Noida

  2. Bran is very heavy to digest in today’s lifestyle … so the one who do really hard work can go with it otherwise don’t go for it as it harms in long run.


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