Indian Food

How to make Banana Stem Pulao (Thoder Pulao)

make Banana Stem Pulao

Hope you have tried with the thoder or Banana Stem dish (In case you did not, Try it now.) Yesterday I decided to cook the Banana stem in a different style and liked it. Its a different sort of dish, and tastes good even though one may feel that lust only a stem. How to make Banana Stem Pulao or ...

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English name of common Indian Spices and Ingredients (PDF)

English name of common Indian Spices

Spices are an essential part of Indian Cuisine, here is a list which I got on my old Hard Disk, and probably I got this info in some forwarded email. So, thought of sharing it here as we do have a recipes section here. Moreover, if you want to try cooking some Indian delight, this will be helpful for you. ...

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How to make delicious Vermicelli (Sewai) Poha


Here I come with another food which is easy to prepare & good for health as well.  Vermicelli (Sewai) Poha is a very regular foodstuff which I cook in 15 mins for office/breakfast. It is similar to the famous South Indian breakfast dish, also known as Semiya Upma or Vermicelli Upma. It is so light that you can snack it all ...

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How to make Yummy Chocolate Brownie (Recipe) at Home

Home Made Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Marriage is the most significant turning point in one’s life & as it is said second birth for all; which comes with lots of experiences and never-ending learning. My hubby loves sweet & especially has a craving for chocolate ice-cream; cakes; brownies. One day he complained that he is bore of having those regular ice-creams and expressed his desire to ...

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Benefits of Wheat Bran (Chokar)

Wheat Bran

Sometimes even ordinary things become very useful. One of such helpful thing is Wheat Bran which is commanly known as Chokar in India. Let me explain about Chokar and the benefits of Wheat Bran (Chokar). In the end, we have also shared from where you can buy Wheat Bran. What is Wheat Bran (Chokar)? Most grains, like wheat and oats, ...

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Recipe for Fried Bitter Melon / Gourd (Bhuna Karela)

I bring you my mother-in-law’s recipe of Bhuna karela which is easy to cook & good for health as well. Karela comes in many different varieties and is similar in shape to a cucumber. In the Indian grocery stores in the US, you'll find the Indian, dark green, spiky variety, while in the Asian stores, you'll find the lighter-green bitter-melons that are larger with a bumpy peel.

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Best eating places in Kolkata !!

Kolkata is called the city of  joy because of its people,  human values, traditions, art , music, lights, culture and of course the food.Every city has some specialty in food but in Kolkata you will found all types of food.Here is the list of best  where you can enjoy your food. Remember food is not only cheap in Kolkata but ...

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