How to perform Teej ?

India is a one of the countries where festivals have special meaning and is threaded so much into our culture that you would just fall in love with them.  Today we will be talking about the Festival Teej, which is special for every Indian women.

Purpose of Teej

It is a fasting festival performed by women for well being of their husband. Even girls who are not married do this for a good life partner.

History of Teej

The ancient story says that Teej is a significance of union of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. If you belive in rebirth Parvati was reborn and she wanted Lord Shiva to be her husband again like in first life and she did a fasting of 108 days. Lord Shiva was pleased and married her again.

When is is Teej Celebrated ?

Teej generally falls on 3rd after full moon in the month of Sawan ( July / August ).

Puja process of Teej :

Required Materials :

  • Kumkum,
  • Chawal
  • Kacha Doodh
  • Coins,
  • Soil
  • Red cloth.
  • 5 types of fruits.
  • Mehandi, Kajal, Roli, Water, Flowers
  • and Sattu ( A type of Indian Sweet made of rice, gram, ghee, sugar etc.)
Teej materials

Teej materials

Coming to major part is making of a small pond out of Soil or mud we talked above. This small pond is made in circle on any platform which is comfortable. You can make it on a wooden plank or corner of the house. To this small lake, a small branch of neem is stuck to give it a complete feel of pond.

Teej Paal

Teej Paal

Steps of Performing Teej :

  • The puja process starts by making circles of the paal ( Lake ) and fill it with water and milk.
  • A diya of ghee is lightended close to the pond.
  • Then small prints of Kajal, Mehandi and roli is made on the point with ring finger. This is done 7 times.
  • Then shadow of all fruits are seen in the lake. This is the reason diya is lightend and placed close to the pond.
  • Then story of Teej is read and heard.
  • After the story is completed, 5 rounds is made of the pond.
  • Then the women would go and see the moon and present water and sattu to him.

The fast is completed by the women by eating fruits alone. They are the same fruits, shadow of which was seen in the pond. This fruits should be given by their husband to eat. This brings both of them closer. Since this is a special festival for women, there is lot of importance given on dressing, ornaments and makeup.After all they do a lot of hard work here. 🙂

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