List of Firecrackers Banned in Kolkata and Howrah

Looks like Police in Kolkata have gotten very strict, this Diwali, on buying or bursting Firecrackers which makes a lot of sounds. So this time they have posted this huge notice to most of the society and passing messages that its Festival of Lights and not sound. We have a huge notice board and print outs throughout the society from our nearest police station, Shibpur Thana and it seem one team will be posted on our society premises especially on Terrace to make sure not any of the banned crackers are used. Here s the list of Firecrackers Banned in Kolkata and Howrah

List of Firecrackers Banned in Kolkata and Howrah

Talking to a few of my family members who shared their experience that huge checking was made around the city and even people who were coming in from outside. In fact as per notice from the Police Station, if you are found with such crackers, you will be prisoned.

List of Firecrackers or Pathaka banned in 2019

The list has been created as per sample testing conducted by West Bengal Pollution Control Board in presence of representatives of PESO, Kolkata Police, WBFE&S, and Fireworks Dealer Association. When it comes to sound, any firecracker which produces more than 90 dB(A) of sound is banned.

1120 Terminator2Golden Crackler3Red Chill
4Arabian Nights5Golden Dawn-25 Shots6Red diadem 20
7Angry Bird8Golden Emerald9Rock “N” Roll Shots
10Baby Po11Golden Falls12Rock & Roll
13Blin – Bin14Golden Minnows15Rocket Bombs
16Blue Caseo17Golmal 25 Shots18Rose Flower
19Blue Ice20Grand Celebration21Red Drop
22Break Dance-IOO Shots23Happiness24Screamin Bats-25 Shots
25Chain Crackers26Hit it 16 Shots27Singing Bird
28Chakkar Exotica29Hone Due30Singing Birds-IOO Shots
31Chat Pati32Hoodibaba33Salsa Dance
34Chicago35Hunk36Sky Magic
37Chin chila38Inox39Sound of Music 56 Shots
40Chin Chilia 32 Shots41Jolly 30 (Chima)42speed 100
43Chocolate Bombs44Joll 30 Khara45symphony 50
46Chuncho Bazi47Jumping Jack48Tempt me Not-18 Shots
49Cowboy delight50Kiran 30 shots51Udan Tubri
52Crackling Delight53Kali Patkas54War Craft
55Dance Floor56Leo – 3057White night
58Dhani Patkas59Lovely Red60Wonder Cascade
61Dhoom 10062Mangal Deep63Nach Bali e
64Diwali Fiesta65Merry Go Round66Strock City
67Dream Girl68Miss India69Liv Magnolia
70Dodoma71Music Pipe72Audi or Benz
73Enjoy 1874Musical Rain 111 Shots75105 Colour Balls
76Fairy Lights77Magic Pipe7830 Shots Rum Jhum
79Festival of India80Namila81Nano Shell
82Fun-12083Ni ht ewel84Sona Ohna
85Fun-rise86Oh Kolkata 500 Shots87Harry Pottar
88Golden Star89Osaca9012 Star Colour
91Golden Eye92Oye-Bubbly93Hulk War
94Germany95Penta Force96OCK Bluster
97Gold Card Member98Ran Barat-1009915 Shot Star Utsab
100Golden Cinderella101Rang Bazar-60 Shots102Anirudha She17! – ANI’S
103Golden Core104Rang de Basanti105Mega Series-ANI’s
106Sky Gel107On Iine108Watz Up
109D-J Mix110Audi111Benz
112Renbow Red & Green1133D Popeye114Ontario
115Music Party116Sky Red117Ariel Wander
1187 Short119Green Flys120Niagra falls
121Sun Risers122Spring Golden123Dream Sower Green
12412 Monkeyes125Penta126Multi Music Rocket
127Candi Crash

Below is the old list of Fire Crackers which are banned in Kolkata.

List of Fire Crackers Banned in Kolkata

  • Chocolate Bombs
  • Kali Phatkas
  • Seven Shots
  • Golden Dawn 25 Shots
  • Singing Birds 100 Shots
  • 105 Colour Ball ( Sony )
  • Arabian Nights
  • Golden MInnows
  • Red Diadenm 20
  • Top 10 sky Flash
  • Dil Mange More
  • Riders of the Lost Arc
  • Colour Mirchi
  • American Delight
  • Narnia
  • Miss India
  • Bling Bling
  • Dhoom 100
  • Magic Pipe
  • Jolly 30 ( Khara )
  • Rock n Roll 25 Shots
  • Musical Rain 111 Shots
  • Blue Casio
  • Coronet
  • Honey Due
  • Tempt Me not 18 Shots
  • Germany
  • Chima Jolly 30
  • Chain Crackers
  • Chani Phatakas
  • Rocket Bombs
  • Hoobi Baba
  • Dolphin DrIv 12 Shots
  • Oh Kolkata 500 Shots
  • Screaming Bats 25 Shots
  • Blue Eyes
  • Golden Core
  • Siren
  • Happiness
  • Try Colour Angels
  • Fun Rise
  • Dream Girl
  • Dance Floor
  • Oye Bubbly
  • Baby Pop
  • Night Jewel
  • Red Chilly
  • Chinchilla 32 Shots
  • Wonder Cascade
  • TermInator 2O
  • Pride of India
  • Mangal Deep
  • Sound of Music 56 Shots
  • Speed 100
  • Pansy
  • Fairy Lights
  • Rong Bazar 60 Shots
  • Salsa Dance
  • Golden False
  • Ayyan Ossaca
  • Loose Crackers
  • Dodomas
  • Rong Bharat 100
  • Festival of India
  • Break Dance 100 Shots
  • Music Pipe
  • Music Party
  • Golden Crackers
  • tri-color Akash Barasa
  • Golden Emerald
  • Penta Force
  • Rong Chakker
  • Symphony 50
  • Thriller
  • Chicago
  • Gold Card Member
  • Rang De Basanti
  • Cow Bow Delight
  • Rok N Roll
  • HItIt 16 Shots
  • Jumping Balls
  • Golden Whistle
  • Chima Enjoy 18
  • 105 Colour Ball
  • Grand Celebration
  • VIP
  • Golden Cinderella
  • Diwalì Fista
  • ChecklrnrExotica
  • Black Buster
  • Marry Go Round Clock

So what is your reaction to this? Let us know in comments on how you are celebrating this Diwali with such restrictions.


  1. only one or two days we are busting
    crakers not the hole year so its not a good idea.
    every people are not able to buy the crakers at high price and low prce crakers or high sound crakers are brought by them. they buy crakers from the market only police should arrest the seller not the buyer because they dont no which item is banned they buy what they get in the shop

  2. the names which are not written are they allowed…as i have purchased my crackers and i dont know whether they are allowed or not

  3. sound crackers produce low pollution than rope, baji tubri, rong mashal, etc.So u hve to decide do u want less sound or LESS POLLUTION.

  4. Why put a ban on shells I fail to understand.Shells makes the diwali sky more colourful and bright.Choclate bombs,kali pataka I can understand but they should allow shells.Moreover if items are banned then why are they being sold in shops.What crime have we committed?If shells are banned they should not be sold.Why harass people if they buy something which is available in shops?

  5. Diwali and specially kali puja come once in a year why the hell people cant understand that. Cant, they bear the noise of bombs and shells for one day? shells ka kya Kasur ha?they are so beautiful …and y the hell shopkeepers, as well as customers, be harassed with such restrictions. I don’t know…..

  6. Go and ban slaughtering on bakri eid and shots when ur netas die.
    Only one day bro!!!
    We wait a whole year for this

  7. That day is not too far when we will be hearing that burning of crackers in Diwali & Kali puja are banned in West Bengal because of air pollution

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