How to verify validity of PAN

PAN ( Permanent account No )is a 10 Digit Alphanumeric No issued by Govt. of India to individuals, firms or Companies etc. mainly for income Tax purpose. PAN  is now widely used in India as photo ID proof of an individual. This document is now required every time in our daily life

  • To apply for opening an account with a Bank,
  • Applying for new  connection of telephone,
  • New electricity meter, Gas , passport
  • and even for applying loans to any financial Institutions.

With increasing number of usage of the documents there is a chance of forgery in the said documents. Hence people who are dealing in the said matter can now verify originality of PAN through the following this link @ E-filing

Pan verification

Pan verification

After login to the site following pages will appear for confirmation of Full name and Date of Birth. (Please ensure correct data entry in the respective field as specified). Put the data & press submit Query and in the next Page it will feature the correct PAN allocated to the person and also the jurisdiction it belongs to.

Facts for PAN

  • 4th Letter of PAN signify the status of the holder .Ex “P” if individual, “C” in case of Company, “F” Signifies Firm,”T” Signifies Trust and ”H” is HUF .
  • 5th Letter of PAN is the first letter of Surname at the time of issuance. However there is a probability of not being the same in case of change of surname which is mostly applicable for married woman.

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