How to verify if a PAN card is valid or invalid?

PAN (Permanent account No )is a 10 Digit Alphanumeric No issued by Govt. of India to individuals, firms or Companies, etc. primarily for Income Tax purpose. It is also used in India as a photo ID proof of an individual. It can be used at multiple places as a supporting document along with Aadhar and passport. That said, with an increasing number of users of the documents there is a chance of forgery in the said documents. Hence people who are dealing in the said matter can verify if a PAN card is valid or invalid through

verify PAN valid invalid

How to verify if a PAN card is valid or invalid?

  • Open this link on a new tab in the browser.
  • Enter PAN number, Full Name, Date of Birth, and Status. (Please ensure correct data entry in the respective field as specified).
  • Click on the Submit button, and in the next Page, it will validate the details. 
  • The validation will be in the form of a message. It will share two things
    • If the PAN is active
    • If the details entered where correct.

There are two ways of using it. If you just need to check if the PAN card is active or if you want to check if all details are correct. You can also use this to check if all your individual PAN card details are correct with the Government.

What do the Alphabets and Letters mean on the PAN Card?

  • 4th Letter of PAN signifies the status of the holder. Ex “P” if individual, “C” in case of Company, “F” Signifies Firm,” T” Signifies Trust and ”H” is HUF.
  • 5th Letter of PAN is the first letter of Surname at the time of issuance. However, there is a probability of not being the same in case of change of surname which is mostly applicable for married woman.

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