How to block your lost or stolen mobile through IMEI number in India

We all are now more or less aware of IMEI No, i.e., International Mobile Identity No of our mobile handset due to the stricter regulations of Govt. Here is an interesting fact to share about the IMEI No. Each mobile carries a unique IMEI which can be used to track your lost mobile anywhere in the world. The Indian government has launched the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) portal, which can be used to complain about the lost mobile phone. In this post, we will share how you can block your lost or stolen mobile or phone using IMEI number in India.

block your lost or stolen mobile through IMEI number

What is CEIR?

A Centralized Register provides maintenance of all IMEI records at a single location, single point of access. The government has built this to fight against the counterfeit mobile phone market and discourage mobile phone theft, protect consumer interest and facilitate law enforcement authorities for lawful interception,

DoT intends to implement the Central Equipment Identity Registry (CEIR) that connects to the IMEI database of all the mobile Operators. It will act as a central system for all network operators to share blacklisted mobile devices so that devices blacklisted in one network will not work on other networks even if the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card in the device is changed.

CEIR also aims to offer automatic text reminders to make sure users get the latest update about the status of their blocking/unblocking requests.

How to complain about the lost mobile phone in India using IMEI number

  1. Find your IMEI number
  2. Lodge an FIR for stolen Mobile
  3. Block Lost or Stolen Device using IMEI

Note: The project has just started, and more telecom operators and states will be taken on board in the coming months.

1] Find your IMEI number

  • Dial *#06# from your mobile.
  • Your mobile shows a unique 15 digit no (it’s a mix-match of alphanumeric digit code)
  • Note it down somewhere.

In case you haven’t, check on the bill of the phone or the box of the phone for the IMEI number. Since most of the smartphones are dual SIM, you will need to note down IMEI 1 and IMEI 2, i.e., all the IMEI numbers.

2] Lodge an FIR for stolen Mobile

To block a lost/stolen device, the user has to report to local Police as per current policy. You may have to give the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Address
  3. Phone model & Make
  4. Last used No
  5. E-mail for communication
  6. Missing or Lost date
  7. IMEI No(s)

At this stage, you can request the police to block your phone. They can do it, but there is no option, you can use the online portal.

2] How to report a lost or stolen device through the portal

Request for Blocking lost stolen mobile phone

You can do it either by TSP’s specified customer outlets or using their portal. Go to this Lost/report CEIR link. You need to fill in the following details.

About your phone:

  • Mobile No(s)
  • IMEI No(s)
  • Device Brand and Model
  • Upload bill or purchase invoice

Lost Information

  • Lost Place, Date, State, District
  • Police Station, Polic complaint number
  • and upload a scanned copy of the Police Complaint

Mobile Owner Personal Information

  • Name and address.
  • Identification document and number. You need to upload a copy.
  • Email ID and Phone number.

Use a mobile number where you can be called and contacted in case they find your phone. In the end, you will receive a Request ID. Make sure to keep it noted somewhere. When you find your phone, you will have to need it to unblock the phone’s IMEI. You can also check the status using this link.

How to unblock a lost/stolen device?

Request for Unlocking smartphone IMEI

To unblock a lost/stolen device, the user has to report to local Police that it is found. After that user can unblock the phone from the portal.

  • Go to Request for Unblocking lost/stolen mobile phone portal.
  • Enter Request ID, Mobile number(which was provided for blocking) and mobile number which was given for contact.

It will send an OTP on that number, and once confirmed, the block will be removed, and you will be able to use the phone on any network.

We are delighted to see that the project has finally taken some shape. The process started a couple of years ago, and today this happened. If you ever try this portal, do share your experience.


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    missed date:-31-7-2012
    IMEI no:-357921043957915

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  4. My mobile details which i have lost…….
    Phone : KECHAO
    Model : K9
    IMEI NO. 1 : 354582043047371
    IMEI NO. 2 : 354582043047389

  5. Stolen or missing mobile phones can be
    recovered in India. Yes it is true. Read the following, what we have to
    do, we must do. Then every persons who have lost their mobile/cell
    phones will get back with no pain.

    In India, everyday thousands of cell
    phones are stolen or missing, but are not recovered. Why they are not
    recovered? 30% people know the IMEI numbers of their cell phones and
    report to the police and mobile operators about their stolen/missing
    cell phones with IMEI numbers. 70% people do do not know about IMEI
    numbers of their cell phones, They even don’t report such stolen/missing
    cases to Police or Mobile operators. Sometimes they inform mobile
    operators. Mobile operators give guidance to their customers to report
    to police, so that they will issue another sim card to their customers.
    But nobody tells about how to recover the stolen/missing cell phones.
    Because nobody bothers about the loss of money of customers either by
    mobile operators or police departments. Because mobile operators will
    get two customers due to stolen/missing cell phones. One customer is the
    existing customer who will purchase again another mobile and will take
    another sim card with the same number or other. The second customer will
    be the person who has stolen the cell phone or got it due to missing,
    he/she will purchase a new sim card from the mobile operator to use the
    mobile/cell phone. So why will the mobile operator bother about the
    stolen/missing cell phones, where they get new customers due to
    missing/stolen cell phone? On the other hand, you know about our so
    called police people, the doll of VIPs, VVIPs, MLAs, Ministers. They
    will act only in their cases only. Otherwise, if they get some benefits
    from the stolen/missing cell phones cases, then they will do at-least
    some inquiry . So nobody is there for the common and poor people in

    I know the fact that every Mobile/cell
    Phone is given in-built serial numbers by the manufacturing companies.
    Whenever the mobile operators issue new sim cards to their customers and
    the customers as soon as insert their sim cards into the mobile/cell
    phones, the in-built serial numbers are displayed in their websites
    along with the sim card and call details. So it is easy to find the
    serial numbers (IMEI numbers) of every cell/mobile phones by the mobile
    operators. So the list of cell/mobile phones with IMEI numbers are
    available with all the mobile operators. All the mobile manufacturing
    companies have list of their cell/mobile phones with IMEI numbers. They
    must provide the list of all IMEI numbers of their cell/mobile phones to
    the mobile operators. Hence it will be the duty of mobile operators to
    make a software to automatically tally with the list of IMEI numbrs with
    their customers IMEI numbers. If any IMEI numbers do not match with
    the List of IMEI numbers provided by the phone manufacturing companies,
    that means the IMEI numbers of particular cell/phones are wrongly
    altered by any unauthorized software in the mobile/cell phone stolen
    markets and the cell/mobile phones are stolen. So the mobile operators
    should immediately send the details of the SIM cards using the stolen
    cell/mobile phones to the Police to trace the Individual who stolen or
    got the missing cell/phones. This way theft or missing cases of
    cell/mobile phones will be totally removed from INDIA. And the police
    also can find out the stolen markets where IMEI numbers are altered by
    unauthorized software and arrest the concern persons.

    Here, the duty and responsibilities
    totally depend on all mobile operators to ask their customers to submit
    the copy of mobile phone purchasing bill which shows the name and
    address of the shop where the mobile/cell phones were purchased. The
    mobile operators must make a rule to instruct all their customers to
    submit the bill along with other ID proof and residential proof at the
    time of applying for new sim cards. So whenever any customers report
    their missing or stolen cell phones to the mobile operator or police,
    the mobile operator immediately must search in their software with the
    reported IMEI numbers. If they find the IMEI numbers with another SIM
    card, they will take the details of SIM card owner and forward the same
    report to police to trace the individual who is now using the cell
    phone. Hence police will recover the cell phone from the individual and
    hand over to the original owner who possesses the receipt or bill of
    that cell phone.

    Here, one thing to be noted by the
    mobile operators, if the reported IMEI numbers are not found in their
    software, it means the IMEI numbers of cell phones have been altered by
    any unauthorized persons. In that case, mobile operators should note
    down that any new sim cards issued recently after missing or stolen cell
    phone case, the new sim card which shows the IMEI number do not tally
    with the list of IMEI numbers provided by mobile manufacturing
    companies, it means the cell phone is stolen or missing. The mobile
    operators should immediately forward the new sim card owner details to
    the police to recover the cell phone from the person who inserted the
    new sim card into the cell phone.

    In case any person who has stolen or got
    the cell phone, do not purchase new sim card and he/she inserts his/her
    old sim card into the stolen/missing cell phone., how the mobile
    operator will come to know?. Very simple. The mobile operators must
    endorse a command in their software, that any old sim cards which were
    showing earlier the IMEI numbers and suddenly the sim cards are now
    showing different IMEI numbers, the new details of IMEI numbers with
    date of changes should be flashed in their software. The mobile
    operators will come to know that something wrong are there with the
    existing sim cards. They should immediately forward the sim card owner
    details to the police to recover the cell phones and hand over the same
    to the original owner who possesses bill or receipt of purchase. This
    way easily cell phones can be traced with individual sim card details.

    In this modern era of Information and
    Technology, every persons with electronic equipments which transmits
    data either through wire or wireless, can be traced. Question is there,
    why this mobile operators will do such good thing for the people? My
    suggestion to the mobile operators is that if they do such good thing,
    they will get more transparent business and the profits to their
    business will not hamper. Same way their business will run, besides the
    common and poor people will get a relief to recover their cell phones.

    If the mobile operators don’t bother
    about the relief and happiness of common people, then a rule must be
    passed by the Government with the strictly instructions to all the
    mobile operators to implement the rule immediately. Failing which
    penalty and disciplinary action will be initiated against the mobile

    Support us in the comment at , to put a pressure on government to pass an order to mobile operators and police to recover stolen or missing cell phones.



    Phone model: C3530

    Make: SAMSUNG

    Last used No.: 13/10/2012

    E-mail for communication:

    Missed date: 13/10/2012

    IMEI No.:

  7. Your name: Ganesh Dattatray Raykar

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    Missed date: 24 oct 2012

    IMEI No.: 352631054784083

  8. my mobile nokia 2690 lost on date:-6/11/2012 this imei no is :-352010048556057 pleace trace & track my mobile and send information to my id

  9. I lost my phone and written a mail on the said id but this has not been delivered to the said id saying that “Quota exceeded (mailbox for user is full)”

  10. Sony Ericsson WT19i live with walkman missing on date 11 June 2013.
    IMEI No.: 358508048049167

  11. Sir I lost my mobile (lg gs 190) at vijayawada railway station, during
    19-06-2013, my mobile imei number is 357945031968097. I am nss
    ( national social service) member so , all blood donation members
    details with their phone numbers are in mobile please trace my mobile
    which can help others in emergency, please

    my contact number is 9032244903

  12. Hello Dear,

    My Mobile Samsung S2 with IMEI No: 358867047587480
    Inserted SIM Mobile number 9878832532

    Please reply ASAP.


    Kinshuk Jindal

  13. Respected Sir,
    I have lost my Samsung s 3653 for few days later pls help me to find out the mobile and .
    My IMEI no is 358040033841275
    My Mobile no is 9818468056

  14. can u send me the details about my cellphone plz? exact loction of my cell phone? m waiting for your reply….

  15. 357963049338021 – Dear Sir,
    I have lost my phone on 12 June 2013, i have logged a complaint with the police as well, any help in this matter would be highly appreciated.

    Runcie +91 988 616 9444

  16. Dear sir,
    I have lost my htc one v on 6:00pm on 20 June 2013, i have complaint with the police as well, any help in this matter would be highly imei no:351816050801467

  17. Your name:Irfan
    Address:15/367 Nagla Devjeet, Abbas Nagar Yamuna Brij Post Moti Mahal Agra-282006
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    Missed date:30 june 2013
    IMEI No 3535396050988989

  19. hello sir i have lost my phone was gifted by my plz trace my phone samsung s duos 7562 my mobile no 8008090592 and 9014666612 both r used in that mobile

  20. name: sujit mane
    Address: at:julewadi, tal:tasgaon, dist:sangli, maharastra
    Phone model:nokia lumia 520
    Make: nokia
    Last used No.:9156194374
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date: 2nd August 2024
    IMEI No.: 357257054145383
    plz help me

  21. Your name: sandeep
    Address: # 269/1, masita house , thanesar, kurukshetra, haryana
    Phone model: i phone 4s
    Make: other country
    Last used No.: 9034281847
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date:11-9-2014
    IMEI No.:013064005208822

  22. Name: Sanjay Parmar

    Add : Ahmedabad

    Phone: Karbonn titanium s1

    Last On Date:21 9 2014

    Last Sim: 9033633794

    imei No: 911305351412953

  23. Hi sir ,
    I lost my mobile on dt- 22 jan 2015

    asus ASUS_T00Q No carrier
    IMEI: 352888064950704
    Model Name: ASUS_T00Q
    Manufacturer: asus
    Carrier: No carrier
    Last activity seen on: Jan 14, 2015
    Registered date: Dec 18, 2014

    Please trace it……

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