It first started with Jharkhand, where the latest status of the judgment of his/her case was available at the online website of High Court and Supreme, also termed as e-Courts. Now it is available across all the states of India. You can find SC or HC Case Status, Case Orders, and Cause List online in India. It is one of the services that fall under the eGovernment services. It is offered by the Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs so that more people will benefit from the use of information technology and communication services.

Find Case Status, Case Orders, and Cause List online in India

The link to the High Court is here, and that of the Supreme Court is this. When visiting the high court website, you will have to select the HC of that state. Under Highcourt, you have the following options for all the states. You can use these options to find the status of the case, the judgment that was passed, involved Judges,  FIR number, and so on.

  • Case Status
    1. Case Number
    2. FIR Number
    3. Party Name
    4. Advocate Name
    5. Filing Number
    6. Act
    7. Case Type
  • Case Orders
    1. Case Number
    2. Judge Wise
    3. Party Name
    4. Order Date
  • Cause List (Search by date)

For any search you make, you will have the option to select between pending or disposed. In general, you have access or can find the following:

  • The information about the judges on the panel and other senior functionaries along with their phone numbers.
  • You can also search for the status of your case, date of your case, etc.
  • Judgment search according to Case, Date, Petitioner and Date

Similarly, the Supreme Court also has a website where you can find the status or judgment of a case. The interface is much better compared to what is available with the HC website.

You can find Case Status by diary number, case number, party name, AOR, Court/Tribunal no, or a plain text search. Judgment can be found based on case number, diary no, judgment date, parties name, Actwise, Const Bench, and free-text search.

Its good to see that they are available online, and I hope it makes it easy for everyone to find SC or HC Case Status, Case Orders, and Cause List online in India.

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