Project Arrow: Modernizing the Indian Post Offices

Somewhere around May 2008, ‘Project Arrow’ was launched as an initiative to transform India Post into a vibrant and responsive organization and to make a visible and positive difference in postal operations to benefit the customers.

1,000 Post Offices across several Indian states were recently modernized as a part of “Project Arrow”. Now 727 more Post Offices are to be modernized under this project.

You can download this document in MS Word format to get a better insight of Project Arrow.

The objective of this Project is to make post offices a friendly place for any citizen and improve the quality of services. The Department also got expertise from consultants to internalize Project Management concepts and tools.

Indian Post Project Arrow

The project involved several steps, like, training all the staff of the project office, completion of basic documentation in each post office, improving the building, public area and supply of hardware within a given time frame.

A Blue Book is created which is a complete documentation of “What” and “How” of this project.

The project was also highlighted to fixing the weak points, taking remedial action; retraining of staff and constantly watching performance were identified as action areas.

Facilities like several types of rewards for employees and the staff of best performing unit are scheduled to be sent for training abroad.

Summarily this project ensures both the look and feel plus a high end service to the customers of a Post Office

The Project Arrow experience has brought an integrated improvement in the post offices and the working culture, customers feel the difference. This definitely will take the India Postal Services to new international standards.


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