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Want to learn about Indian Laws with perspective? You are at the right place. Learn about FIR, Article 370, Weird and Hilarious Judgements Passed by Indian Courts, you are at the right place.

There's More to Batla House than Just Nora Fatehi's 'O Saki' Item Number

There’s More to Batla House than Just Nora Fatehi’s ‘O Saki’ Item Number

John Abraham has once again taken the responsibility to reveal the truth related to the controversial events that took place about 11 years ago in Jamia Nagar, Delhi with his upcoming...
Hilarious Cases Judgements Indian Courts

Hilarious Cases and Judgements Passed by Indian Courts

With such a massive population of India, it is a given that there would be some craziness in every corner. Even the judiciary system has not been left untouched by this...
How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online

How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online

It is a widespread issue that a child is denied access to all the ancillary services like education and health care if it is found that he or she does not...
NRI Divorce India

NRI Divorce In India: Everything to Know

Marriage is every girl's dream. Everyone wants to have the perfect life partner with whom they can spend their entire life. But life is not always glorious sunshine. Sometimes it can...
Facts India Independence Day

Unknown and Interesting Facts about Independence Day of India

Celebrated Independence Day? Every year on August 15th, we all feel very patriotic and watch patriotic movies or listen to patriotic songs. We are all aware of the importance of Independence...
Stupid RTI Filed India

Right To Information (RTI) Act: Everything You Need to Know

In a democratic form of a government, the main aim of the government is "of the people", "for the people" and "by the people". The base of a democratic form of...
Stupid RTI Filed India

10 Stupid RTI Filed in India

A government is like a bank. You put your money in the bank account, and you have all the right to inquire about your money whenever you want. The banker cannot...
What to Do if Family or In-Laws is Asking for Dowry?

In-Laws Asking for Dowry? Here’s What You Can Do

Dowry or Stridhan is not a new concept in India. The parents of the bride used to give valuable security in the form of cash, jewelry, etc. depending upon their capabilities...

Unheard and Unimaginable Traffic Rules Around the World

In India, we are familiar with very basic traffic rules such as wearing a seat belt while driving, stopping the vehicle when the signal is red, giving space for an emergency...
Karan Johar National Anthem

How Karan Johar Is Responsible for the National Anthem Being Played in Movie Halls

Have you ever wondered why the National Anthem is played in movie halls before a movie starts? Well, did you know that ace director and producer Karan Johar and one of...

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