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Want to learn about Indian Laws with perspective? You are at the right place. Learn about FIR, Article 370, Weird and Hilarious Judgements Passed by Indian Courts, you are at the right place.

Indian Laws

These Indian Laws That Will Make You Question the Legal System

India is a land of organized chaos. It is very important to understand that to manage such a chaotic situation, society needs a powerful law and more than that, an even...
One Person Company India

Registration of a One Person Company in India

Starting and registering a business is an essential step in being an entrepreneur. Also, choosing the right form is equally important. This article will tell you about a One Person Company,...
Facts India Independence Day

Unknown and Interesting Facts about Independence Day of India

Celebrated Independence Day? Every year on August 15th, we all feel very patriotic and watch patriotic movies or listen to patriotic songs. We are all aware of the importance of Independence...
Second Wife Laws

Rights to Maintenance of Second Wife in India

Though monogamy is the rule from the Vedic era, bigamy and polygamy were prevalent practices in ancient times. Our Indian rulers used to have 2-3 queens at a time, and this...
Police Not Register FIR

What to Do if the Police Does Not Register Your FIR?

It has become a common notion of the Indian public that they are often refused to get their FIR registered in a police station. Indian legal system has provided an adequate...
Abortion Legal India

Is Abortion Legal in India? Conditions under which an Abortion can be done

Giving birth to a child and becoming a mother is undoubtedly the most incredible feeling and women should feel fortunate God has given this immense power only to us. But what...
What to do during Partition of Ancestral Property

What to do during Partition of Ancestral Property

If you are living in a joint family, someday or the other, you are going to face a property related issue unless and until the entire ancestral property has been divided...
Consumer Complaint India

How to File Consumer Complaint in India

We all are a consumer at some point in time or another. Most of the time we have a satisfactory experience, but there are times when the goods or services that...
Data Theft by Employee: What to Do and Preventive Measures

Data Theft by Employee: What to Do and Preventive Measures

In today's technological world, data plays a vital part in every industry. This data can either be personal, confidential, or professional, including the pertinent information of the clients, companies' trade secrets,...
Can Men Be Raped? Is Indian Law biased towards women in a Rape Case

Can Men Be Raped? Is Indian Law biased towards women in a Rape Case

"Men cannot be raped. They are always the accused, not the victim." This is not at all a rule but is definitely a fictitious presumption which our society has made. Even if...

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