Free Download Gandhiji font for English and Devanagari

Gandhiji Font was launched during the Gandhiji Font Typography Exhibition; the font is inspired by Gandhiji’s Glasses, Typographers from Leo Burnett created the Gandhiji font in Devanagari first and later the font was created for English too.

Have a look at how the font looks like –

Free Download Gandhiji font for English and Devanagari inpired by Gandhi ji Glasses


Looks great, isn’t it? You can download the English and Devanagari, and guess what, Fonts in Marathi (however Marathi too uses Devanagari Script with slight changes), Gujrati, Telugu, and Tamil will soon be available for download.

If you want you can, join the community Gandhiji Fonts on Facebook too.

Download Gandhiji Fonts

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