How to complaint about Power Cut in India

Power cut in India is one of the most common problem that is faced by almost every people of the country, weather it is Kashmir to Kanyakumari or Assam to Gujrat. Every state has the same problem. The problem get more worst at the time of summer.Uttar Pradesh is one of the worst-affected states. It generates 2,600 megawatt  hours and imports a further 3,700, but still has a shortage of about 1,800  during peak hours.

Reasons for power cut power cut:

There are many reason which are responsible for power cut. Some of them are as follows:

  • Voltage problem
  • Unplanned power cut
  • Major fault
  • Excess demand of electricity over the  supply

How you can complaint against Power cut online?

Most of the states have their Electric Supply Board online. You need to find for your State. For example, people of Kolkata, Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (CESC)offers you to submit your complaints and suggestions by just clicking your mouse.  What you need to do is just open the CESC website, and you can register your complaint about supply off complaint, power theft or any other complaints or suggestions by filing a form. However you can also pay your bill online i.e e-billing.

Official Complaint Form for Powercuts

Active on Twitter ? Try is an exclusive initiative by some folks on Twitter who have created a complete database of Powercuts happening all around in India.  If you are active on twitter you can use

  • A tweet with  #powercutindia or #PowerCutsIN or #PowercutsIndia and include location, from, planned or unplanned details.
  • Tweet back again when the power comes back with same hastag but add #back along with it.
  • You can also use this form which gives you option for finding your location on Map Also.

PowerCuts in India

What else this service provides :

  • A graph which helps you find the frequency and can also be used by government officials.
  • Power with Maps which helps pin pointing location very accurate.
  • Power Cut Alerts : You can register with them so if there is actual power cut and not temporary, you get to know.

How can we help the Electric board to reduce the power cut:

We can also help the electric board to reduce the power cut by simple adapting these points. Problem of power cut arises because the demand of electricity is more than its production. So now its our duty to save the  electricity and use it without wasting it.

  • Switch off the light and fans if you don’t need.
  • Switch off the washing machine  when the clothes are dry enough – over drying makes them feel harsh and waste electricity.
  • Use fluorescent tubes . they use about a quarter of electricity used by ordinary lights.
  • Don’t leave heating or cooling appliances on when rooms are unoccupied.

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