Mount Abu: Gateway to Wintery Rajasthan

I am pretty sure you did enjoy reading about Jaisalmer, and today we are on a long drive to Wintery City of Rajasthan, Mt Abu. As you can see the traveling stats below, better get started early and as usual, carry a lot of water. Here is our Mount Abu guide.

  • Distance from Jaisalmer- 572 km
  • Time took- 10 hrs.
  • Time spent- 2 days.
  • 2 Night stay.

We reached Mount Abu around nine at night. The first thing you should do is find an excellent place to stay.  Though there are many hotels and lodges available It became quite difficult for us because of the weekend and holidays as a lot of people from Gujrat come down. Also, the cost of these hotels and lodges are little costly as compared to other places we have been.

Mt Abu Directions
Mt Abu Directions

About Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a pleasant retreat and green oasis in the land of Rajasthan. It is only hill station in the desert of Rajasthan, 1220 meters above sea level, 22 km long and the highest peak in the Rajasthan.

Apart from reaching by car, you can also reach Mt. Abu by Rail (the station is located at Abu Road) and nearest Airport at Udaipur which is km away.

Mount Abu Guide
Mount Abu

Mount Abu is better known for its world famous Dilwara Jain temple. The healthy atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and the collection of arts attract thousands of tourists to visit mount Abu every year. Mount Abu is a perfect romantic destination for honeymoon couples. Like some other hill stations of India, Mount Abu has its lake, which is the center of activity.

Next day, early in the morning after having our breakfast. There is a good restaurant in the city, Arbuda. Food is right here, and you can have breakfast lunch and dinner, all here. Candlelight dinner is also available here. We started at 10 A.M and first came here to have breakfast.

Also, it’s an excellent option to hire a guide here, who will take you along to all the points of interest and will make it easier for you.  In case you don’t want to hire a guide, you still can see all the points, thanks to the excellent directions that are available throughout Mt.Abu. Let’s start with our Mount Abu Guide

Mount Abu Guide: Gateway to Wintery Rajasthan

  1. Dilwara Jain  temple
  2. Honeymoon point
  3. Nakkhi lake
  4. Shankar math
  5. Adhar Devi
  6. Gaumukh temple and three buffaloes
  7. Sunset  point
  8. Toad road

1] Dilwara temple

Reaching this temple will hardly take 30 minutes to make sure you leave your belongings like leather, mobiles in the car as you are not allowed to take it into the temple. In case you cannot, then you will have to deposit into lockers at the entrance of the temple.

Dilwara temple is 3 km from Mount Abu. These temples belong to the 11th century and the perfect example of Jain architecture in India. The designs and interiors done inside the temples are so precious that no camera is allowed inside.

The interior of the dome is intricately carved out into eleven concentric and projecting rings giving it a pendant form. The temple comprises five small temples in the complex. The five legendary marble temples of Dilwara are a sacred pilgrimage place of the Jains. The design on the roof facing outside was made like Mosques to avoid any Muslim Invasion.

Now if you are wondering from where so much marble came, There is a marble mine little off the temple which can be seen from the honeymoon point.

Marble Mine at Mt Abu
Marble Mine at Mt Abu

After paying a visit to Dilwara temple, Now it’s time to get some food. After having lunch, we went for other points of attractions.

2] Honeymoon point

Mt. Abu is a perfect place for Honeymoon couples, and HoneyMoon Point is not to be missed. It is on the north-west of the Nakhi lake and an attractive point for the visitor as there are two stones in the shape of a man and women who are holding each other firmly. Gujratis believe that they are kaka and kaki.

Kaka Kaki At Honeymoon Point
Kaka Kaki At Honeymoon Point

3] Nakki lake

Nakki lake is a popular attraction, and it lies in the heart of the town. It is the perfect place to spend your evenings with your family enjoying boating and the natural surroundings as it is surrounded by the chain of green trees and high hills.

This lake was dug out by a sage named Balaram Rasiya with his ‘nails’; from that day this is known as Nakki (nails) Lake. It is also a holy place for Hindus and has religious importance.

4] Shankar Math

It is situated near the primary market. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has one of the biggest Shivling (in terms of circumference) along with Nandi. Since we were not allowed to take pictures, here is one taken from outside.

Shankar Math
Shankar Math

5] Adhar Devi

On the high hills at 4220 feet’s, this temple is dedicated to goddess Durga, Reached to temple about 360 steps.  The entrance of the temple is narrow, and one can seek entry in a sitting posture.

Adhar Devi Temple
Adhar Devi Temple

6] Gaumukh and Three buffaloes

It is about 12 km from the city and is natural fresh water flowing from a cow head shape cave. There is also a marble figure of Nandi. Quite close to the temple, here are the idols of three demons in the form of buffaloes who stole away ghee from the tank. Brave King Adipal killed all the three by a single arrow.

Cursed Demons in form of stone
Cursed Demons in the form of stone
Golden Nandi at Gomukh Temple
Golden Nandi at Gomukh Temple

In the evening, we walked through the narrow leafy lanes surrounded by the trees from both sides.

7] Sunset Point

Mount Abu is famous for its natural beauty and green surroundings. When the sun in the evening goes down to the horizon, that particular time is beyond imagination and provides such a pleasant atmosphere, which we can never forget. Sunset point is a perfect example of that only.

Shweta and Anant at Sunset Point
Shweta and Anant at Sunset Point

To get to the sunset point, you can hire this small car which is pushed by two persons from behind. It costs you 20 RS and sunset point is only a km away. You can go for a horse ride.

8] Toad Rock

Overhanging the south of Nakkhi Lake is the famous Toad Rock. Its shape resembles a giant toad overlooking the lake. From here, the beautiful and exquisite views of the whole valleys look magnificent.

Toad Rock
Toad Rock

9] Tracking

Mt Abu is also famous for Tracking. You can find schools and colleges nearby organizing camps here.

Tracking at Mount Abu
Tracking at Mount Abu

All these points will take around 6 to 8 hours if you cover each one of them. We skipped a few and went for shopping. Since we will stay around for two days here, feel free to relax and enjoy the weather and places here.

Some trips remain an unforgettable memory forever, and my visit to Mount Abu was one such journey. I am very fond of traveling and have been across the country. Let us know how you found our Mount Abu Guide.

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