Rajasthan Trip : Hands on Guide

Rajasthan, The Indian land of sand and long history of bravest Indian Warriors India has given birth to is one of the top places when it comes to traveling in India. We were just lucky to be there and places in Rajasthan for ten days and would love to share my experience with you all as I did for Srinagar Trip. Check out Online Travel Guide to Rajasthan.

Online Travel Guide to Rajasthan

Right from places you should visit to travel map and how to prepare for Rajasthan Travel. We have it all.

  • Travel Index & Places to Visit
  • Rajasthan Trip Budget, Travel Time, Season and more
  • Accommodation during Rajasthan Trip
  • Travel Map for Rajasthan Trip
  • Preparation plan for Rajasthan Trip
  • Choosing your Travel Guide / Driver

The roads in Rajasthan offer unparallel experience. You won’t get tired of long travels.

Rajasthan Trip Travel Index

Here is the list of places we visited during our trip.

  • Start [ Plan, Tips, and Maps ]
  • Shyam Khatu and Salasar Balaji
  • Rani Sati and Karni Mata
  • Bhairon Ji and Ramdevra
  • Jaisalmer: The Golden City with a Mighty Fort
  • The Amazing Museum inside Jaisalmer Fort
  • Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer
  • Mount Abu: Gateway to Wintery Rajasthan
  • Udaipur, City of Lakes
  • Nathdwara and Pushkar
  • Jaipur

Rajasthan Trip Budget, Travel Time, Season and more

  • No of days: 10 to 12 including traveling duration withing Rajasthan
  • Budget: 75K to One lakh INR excluding shopping cost
  • Places to see: Temples (Shyam Khatu, Salasar, Rani Sati, Karni Mata, Nathdwara, and Pushkar), Jaisalmer, Mt Abu, Udaipur and Jaipur
  • Season: Month of Feb is best since you don’t get too much cold or heat.
  • Travelling Mode: If you are 5 to 6 Go for Cars like Innova but for a bigger group small bus is suitable. And yes, the best is to travel by Road.
  • Per Km Charge of Vehicle: 8.5 – 10 INR
  • Phone: Most of the connection work everywhere except in Jaisalmer interiors where you would go for seeing the real desert. Airtel works here nothing else.

Accommodation during Rajasthan Trip

Accommodations are not a problem at all through the trip. Your driver should be able to tell you so make sure you get the right driver. Our driver was pretty experienced, and he knew even which places you would get tea. I will be sharing his details at the end.

Since many places, you need to spend one night so don’t waste too much money in it but if you have a reasonable budget go for it.

Travel Map for Rajasthan Trip

Map for Rajasthan Trip

  • Jaipur > Shyam Khatu > Salasar [ Night Stay ]
  • Jhunjhunu > Deshnok > Bikaner [ Night Stay ]
  • Kodamdesar > Bikaner > Ramdevra [ Night Stay ]
  • Jaisalmer [ Night Stay]
  • Mt Abu.[ 2 days ] > Udaipur  > Nathdwara [ Night Stay ]
  • Pushkar Via Ajmer > Jaipur [ Night Stay ]

This plan covers visiting temples on the first half, and the second half is full of sight-seeing and enjoying the rest of the trip. If you feel skipping the temple, you can very well start from Jaisalmer where the fun starts.  Keep Jaipur city at the end as you eventually come back to the city where the trip ends.

Preparation plan for Rajasthan Trip

  • You will have to travel with complete luggage everywhere, try to take no extra baggage.
  • Few warm clothes. You might need at Mt Abu and Jaisalmer.
  • Carry ample water everywhere.
  • Your usual digital stuff like Camera, Handy cam, music player as there are a lot of beautiful scenes and a lot of travel.
  • Carry few video cd / DVD if you have a video cab or coach. It will be helpful when you travel for 8  hrs in stretch sometimes.
  • Medicines as always.

Choosing your Travel Guide / Driver

Your driver or guide is what will make the complete trip successful at the end. Make sure you get somebody who has a pleasant experience. Our driver, Mr. Bhawanr, was one of the best we got. He had traveled across Rajasthan many times with excellent driving experience. Also, make sure you get a superb vehicle to travel.

Lets Start!!

That’s it to give you a head start of how you can plan your Rajasthan trip, and from the next post of mine, I will be covering more places with photographs and videos. We have more than 50o pictures to share, and we will show you the best ones. To start, here is a picture collage of the pictures which we took on the trip.

Rajasthan Trip

Rajasthan Trip Travel Index


  1. Hi,
    I am planning to visit Rajasthan in Oct end or Nov first week, your article was very helpful. I understood you booked hotels on-the-go and apart from Mount Abu, there was no issue.

    Can you please share details of how you booked the taxi and any contact details of tracel agency with which you have booked taxi. Thanks a lot. Keep writing….



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