Guide to Nathdwara and Pushkar Temples [Rajasthan]

We are almost at the end of our planned tour, and there are two more temples you should see. One is Pushkar, which is one of the oldest city in the world and Nathdwara, Temple of one of the Avatar of Lord Krishna. In this post, I will share my Guide to Nathdwara and Pushkar Temples in Rajasthan.

Udaipur Nathdwara Pushkar Jaipur

Guide to Nathdwara and Pushkar Temples [ Rajasthan ]

Udaipur to Nathdwara :

  • Distance from Udaipur: 45Km
  • Time took: 1 hr approx.
  • Time spent: Night Hold

Nathdwara to Pushkar :

  • Distance from Nathdwara: 218Km
  • Time took: 4 hr approx.
  • Time spent: 1 hr

Nathdwara Temple

Nathdwara falls first, and since it will be already evening by the time you start from Udaipur, you can plan to stay back at Nathdwara. You can spot for a Dharamshala or hotel near the temple. To warn you before, this temple attracts a crowd like crazy. I have never seen in my life people in thousands get up at 5 in the morning to catch a glimpse of God who only comes out for like 5 minutes max. It is a fantastic experience.

Guide to Nathdwara and Pushkar Temples

You can check out the official website of Sri Nathdwara for darshan timings.

We took the path to Bikaner to visit my aunt’s village in Akasar, which is near Bikaner and then to Jaipur from there. However, you can start for Jaipur straight after you have visited Pushkar. The route to Bikaner and Jaipur breaks from Ajmer. We will tell you at the end how to go next.


One of the oldest city of the world and the only place where you can find the temple of Lord Brahma, the temple has a big lake full of water, and many people come here to take a dip.

Pushkar City Guide to Nathdwara and Pushkar Temples

There are a lot of pandits around here, and we would suggest staying away from them as they seek more money than anything else. Here is the official website of Pushkar for more details.

Brahma Temple

It will take you around one hour here, and by this time you will be hungry. Puskar is pretty close to Ajmer, and from here Jaipur is like 3 hours, and it will be night by the time you reach there so better have some excellent food, and we have the right recommendation from you: Lotus Restaurant and Tilpatti Palace which is in the Bewar Bypass.

Lotus Restraunt

The food was not only amazing but was good in quantity also. The place is airy, and kids have a lot of options to play around. It is like getting a five-star hotel treatment in the middle of the desert.

Lotus Restraunt Sitting Arrangement

Lotus Restraunt Counter

Once you take lunch here, grab some bottle of water and snacks from here and start for Jaipur where you have another two days and prominent forts to catch up. Below is a glimpse of  Ajmer City.

Ajmer City

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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