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Continuing our Trip of Rajasthan, Today we will visit two more temples, Bhairon Ji and Ramdevra and they are one but last temple of the trip and traveling is easy today just around 185 Km but again We will start early today. We will be holding our night at Ramdevra and we need to find a place to stay there at night.

Kodamdesar Ramdevra Map

Kodamdesar Temple

  • Distance from Bikaner-24 kms [ Jaisalmer Highway ]
  • Traveling time-30 min
  • Time spent- 1 hrs
  • Start Time : 9:30

Kodamdesar temple is dedicated to Lord Bhairon. The temple was built by Rao Bikaji during the first three years of arrivals from Jodhpur.

Kodamdesar Temple

The temple is completely open and doesn’t have any door and rooms.There is only a huge idol of Bhairoji at the center.

Baba Bhairon

In the temple campus  you  can find many Dogs, Dogs are the ride of Bhiro ji. Newly wedded couple  come here to pay their prayers and  newly born  babies  are brought to the temple for their first hair-shaving ceremony i,e called Mundan.

Dogs at Bharion Temple

The roads  towards the temple are very smooth.On the way to Kodamdesar  we are able to see a lots of camel as they used  in Rajasthan as the vehicle. We spent around 1 hrs at the temple and then moved back to Bikaner to take lunch as you wont find pretty good hotels or Dhabas in between. We will  get back to Jaisalemer High road and will follow it to reach Ramdevra, our next destination.

Ramdevra Temple [ Baba Ramdev ]

  • Distance from Bikaner:  177 kms
  • Travelling time: 2 hrs 40 min
  • Time spent: 2hrs in temple
  • Reaching time :
  • Night stay

Once we reached Ramdevra, first thing was to look around for Hotels. There are many Dharamshala ( Funded Place to stay ) where you can pay just 100 or 200 rs per night. We were lucky enough to find a good place to stay at  which had one big room with 5 Bed. It is opposite to Kolkata Dharamsahala.

Stay at Ramdevra

Since you reach at night you can get to the temple twice, one at night and next early morning.

The temple of Ramdevra is 12 kms from Pokran  in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan.Maharaja Ganga  singh constructed the temple around the Samadhi of Baba Ramdev who buried himself alive which is at the centre of the temple.

The temple is quite beautiful and have various types of projections and Jharokhas are there.Makrana marbles and Lime morter have been used in building the temple. Near the temple, there  is a water tank.devotees believed that  a dip in this tank can make a person free from all skin disesese.

Thousand of devotees visit the temple of Ramdev.People have great belief and faith in the temple.  The devotees offers coconut,dry fruits,churma and wooden horse to Ram dev ji.

Since security is very thight here we were not able to take any pictures of inside temple except this image below which is of the front gate.

Ramdevra Temple

Event of the Temple-

A large  fair or mela is held in Ramdevra from Bhadon Sudi beej to Ekadashi which falls in the month of August-September.  Large number of devotees from the corner of the country to attend this fair.

The unique characteristic of this temple is that devotees belonging to different caste, creed and religion visit this temple which is also called as Ramapir Shrine.These group pay their homage  by singing  the bhajans  and the life story of Baba Ramdev ji called Jamma.

History of Baba Ramdev

Histoy of the temple begins with the  five pirs( Holy Man ) from Mecca  who came to test the extraordinary power of Baba Ramdev and after being conviced  paid their homage to him.In 1459 A.D,Ram dev baba took the Samadhi. After,going into Samadhi, the mortal body of baba disappeared  and Samadhi got filled up with earth.From that day the Samadhi is worshipped.Later on, the Samadhi was converted to existing temple.

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Picture Gallery of Bhairon ji & Ramdevra

Dogs at Bharion TempleBaba BhaironRamdevra TempleCamel with load of hayGates around BikanerStay at RamdevraKodamdesar Ramdevra MapJaisalmer HighwayCamels in BikanerKodamdesar TempleCamel walking in group

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  1. Thanks for such a nice posting. I plan to visit Ramdevra in the month of December if you could just help me by telling the climate at that particular month.
    Thanks and best wishes

    Sunil Pareek

  2. Thanks for such a nice posting. I plan to visit Ramdevra in the month of December if you could just help me by telling the climate at that particular month.
    Thanks and best wishes

    Sunil Pareek

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